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LED Display Industry Market Brand Concentration Increase

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-10-18
LED Display Industry Market Brand Concentration Increase

  2017LED display market, the new three board business in the first half reported hot hit! LED downstream applications include display, backlight, lighting and other application boards. 2016 China LED downstream application market size of 369.7 billion yuan, the four application plates accounted for 12%, 11%, 66% and 11%. Statistics show that, LED lighting is the largest downstream applications, applications accounted for the other three to play.

    LED display as LED lighting behind only one of the downstream, many enterprises involved. The new three board also Yuanheng photoelectric, the joint hair, the new Asia wins, Foshan Qingsong, China, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Glory and other strength of enterprises; non-listed companies, Shanghai think twice, strong giant color, only Austrian video can not be underestimated.

    At present, the listed company in the first half of the full disclosure of performance. From the "interim results" point of view, Li Yad in the first half to hand over the 2.121 billion revenue and 370 million net profit of the respondents, and further opened the distance with other enterprises; joint photoelectric and the state of science and technology performance is also very bright , The first half of the break through the 1 billion mark; Alto electronic revenue and net profit are doubled growth; Abby and Lehman shares net profit fell.

    In the new three board enterprises, thanks to the growth of the display market, Yuanheng Optoelectronics, Lianchengfa, Foshan Qingsong and China luster revenue and net profit to achieve varying degrees of growth. However, Qi Pu photoelectric, electro-technology and Shenglong shares show a double down situation.

    From the first half results, LED display industry market brand concentration to further enhance. Such as Li Yide, Lian Jian Optoelectronics, Chau Ming Technology and other big brands revenue year after year, some small and medium enterprises market share was "encroachment." At the same time, from the table found that 10 companies in the revenue to achieve growth.

    For the first half of the LED display market growth point, strong giant color that, with the LED display commercialization process of deepening, which are growth points, high-density (small pitch) LED display can be said to be the main growth point of the one. "In the high-density field, the current price is not transparent, commercialization is also a long way to go." Strong giant color relevant responsible person said, "but we have been working for the high density, in addition to giving more and more favorable price In addition, in order to save the user to buy the cost, we also introduced a free DIY high-density products, which will become the future of a high-density trend and the growth point.

    On the small gap on the LED display in the market-driven role, Shanghai think twice that identity. "Small distance with the core technology breakthroughs and high-definition display, easy maintenance and other characteristics, and constantly expand the market applications, as security, corporate propaganda, radio and television, conference center shows an indispensable quality choice, a strong LED display market power. "Shanghai think twice the relevant person in charge said.

    "With the LED display technology continues to improve, the cost of declining, the product is increasingly mature, LED display industry is developing rapidly." With the LED display technology continues to improve, the cost of declining, the product is increasingly mature, LED display industry is developing rapidly. According to the High Industry Research Institute of LED (GGII) data show that in 2017 China's LED display industry output value will reach 42 billion yuan. GGII predicted that in 2020 China's LED display industry output value will reach 57.7 billion yuan.

    Raw material prices ferocious, the downstream price is the solution?

    Prices, like a piece of a blockbuster in the LED industry set off no small waves. Recently, the price of raw materials once again caused by the various concerns continue, industry reshuffle, closing the tide and other sounds endless. For some treading on thin ice, barely maintain the operation of small and medium enterprises, the day had been very sad, and now I am afraid to use the wind paralyzed, the vegetation are soldiers to describe, but also not too much.

    In the market competition is fierce, rising operating costs of the case, many LED display enterprises to maintain a reasonable profit margins "helpless" choice prices. For the price problem, strong giant color that "raw material prices, we sell the user's products do not have to follow up, you can automate production, etc. to improve production efficiency, but also can integrate the industry's high quality supply chain, Strategic cooperation, with none other users, to create value for the user.

    "PCB board, box and other LED display accessories, manufacturing process will cause a certain degree of pollution, in violation of national environmental requirements, the need for rectification and industrial upgrading, which indirectly improve the cost of these accessories cost. Small pitch LED market Heat continued, led to multi-layer PCB board, box and other materials demand, to a certain extent, also led to PCB, box and other raw material prices. "Shanghai think twice on the senior LED said," PCB, box and other materials prices, Will be eliminated by trying to low - cost low - cost way in the market share of the manufacturers, but the strength of the LED manufacturers have minimal impact, LED manufacturers should be rational treatment, and actively seek to solve difficult ways.

    OLED and MicroLED attack, LED face a huge challenge?

    Despite the rapid development of solid-state lighting, but the display backlight is still a substantial market for LED. For more than a decade, the screens are displayed by these devices. Initially these devices were placed in traditional packages, most recently in chip-level packaging, and they are now LCD backlighting. However, due to cost and manufacturing feasibility and other factors, as of today, LED are not used as a small distance display in the direct light-emitting elements - that is, pixels.

    Because of this, in recent years, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) and MicroLED and other technologies, so that a lot of display areas lively. Especially the large number of large enterprises at home and abroad competing layout, the three who will be the mainstream of the field of display competition on the cusp.

    OLED display technology with self-luminous, wide viewing angle, almost infinite contrast, low power consumption, high response speed, etc., has been more and more manufacturers sought after; and MicroLED can be independent of the red, green and blue Subpixels can be used as independent controllable light sources to form displays with high contrast, high speed and wide viewing angle.

    There are insiders believe that, MicroLED display than OLED opponents much stronger, because MicroLED has a wider color gamut, bring higher brightness, lower power consumption, longer life, greater durability and better Of environmental stability.

    For LED, OLED and MicroLED technology dispute, Shanghai think twice, OLED and Micro LED in recent years, the development of hot, there are many large companies in the hard work, from the current situation, OLED and Micro LED is more used in small Business screen and wearable equipment, made a large splicing screen, there are a lot of technical and technical issues to be resolved. For the Micro LED, to be its big screen process problems resolved, do not rule out as the LED big screen strong opponent.

    However, the strong giant color has a different view, strong giant color, said: "Micro LED is still only conceptual products, can not mass production, the current competition is small; OLED just started, there is no way to commercialize, from the popularity is far away .LED technology is basically mature, commercial model is starting, is the mainstream of the current market products. In short, LED are not popular, Micro LED, OLED there is a longer way to go.