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Dell Achievements 5000 Safety Ben Rong Deng's top laptop list

  • Author:Mildtrans-Wakin
  • Release on :2017-10-16
Dell Achievements 5000 Safety Ben Rong Deng's top laptop list

  Dell star product achievements 5000 upgrade open version has been opened in Jingdong Mall pre - sale;

  As a safety book, Dell achievements 5000 [open version] embedded in the motherboard with a free fall sensor, any distance of more than 317.5px fall movement can be immediately perceived by the sensor, and emergency lock the hard disk head, any unsaved File information can be immediately locked, even if the fall of the hard disk on the information will not be lost. And this product also has a fingerprint to unlock the module, fingers swipe 50px infrared scanner will be able to quickly log on the system, privacy and security to a higher level.

  Dell's 5000 [open version] set aside the second memory slot and additional hard disk bit, easy to manually upgrade the configuration, build dual memory channel and solid-state hard drive + mechanical hard drive combination, not only in the information processing speed can be improved To achieve the effect of 1 +1> 2, but also the perfect balance of software startup and data storage "space contradiction"

  In addition, the achievements of 5000 [open version] in the CPU equipped with Intel's seventh-generation Core Duo processor, compared to the sixth generation is not a small increase in the rate, higher frequency, but also to the core graphics card exchange, directly from the HD530 upgrade To HD620, the performance of basic and entry-level independent graphics card flat, but also to further reduce power consumption. At the same time, the achievements of 5000 [open version] the highest optional NVIDIA 940MX 4GB discrete graphics, non-game performance in this no one around it. What are you waiting for? Instantly to make an appointment, so that Dell achievements 5000 [open version] with you to open all-around open life!