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Performance is twice the new MBP Microsoft this artifact too praise

Mildtrans-Wakin 2017-10-20 11:12:14
Performance is twice the new MBP Microsoft this artifact too praise

  Microsoft has just released the Surface Book 2 notebook computer to upgrade the configuration, the performance of rolling Apple, is twice the new MBP. It uses the eighth generation Core i7 processor, the new 15-inch version is standard with 16GB memory, GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.

  This generation of Surface Book 2 although the shape has not changed, but improved life (17 hours), performance, Surface Pen accuracy (4096 pressure) and so on. Microsoft stressed at the press conference, Surface Book 2 performance is 5 times the generation, is the latest MacBook Pro 2 times. The whole process, Microsoft did not avoid MBP, but everywhere tit for tat. For example, support touch screen and two in one demolition, 15-inch pixel than the MBP more than 45%, watching video life more than 70%. Of course, Microsoft did not mention that the same size S Book 2 generation than MBP heavier.

  Price, Surface Book2 13-inch i5-7300U +8 G + 256GB starting price is 1499 US dollars, 15-inch i7 +16 G + 256GB starting price is 2499 US dollars, November 9 to open pre-order. Compared to competing products Macbook 13-inch national bank's starting price is 10288 yuan, 15-inch is 14,288 yuan. Which one would you choose?
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