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Your position:Home > News > Product News > Ttesla on SKYWORTH's OLED TV?


  • Author:Mildtrans-Wakin
  • Release on:2017-12-27

  Recently, a group of suspense posters about SKYWORTH OLED TV and Tesla have spread widely on the Internet, causing widespread concern and discussion by Internet users. This group of posters can cause so much attention, because the poster of Tesla and SKYWORTH OLED TV is very subtle, people wonder whether this is Tesla and SKYWORTH OLED TV also plays a cross-border cooperation?

  It is understood that these three poster from picture to copywriter, all elements are surrounded by Tesla and SKYWORTH OLED TV. The composition of the picture, with its ingenious and fashionable impact, can quickly catch the eye of the masses and attract everyone's attention.

  In the first poster, SKYWORTH OLED TV with a clear picture of a red Tesla wheel as the main body, together with the copy "is SKYWORTH OLED TV lengcong, Tesla is the new energy vehicles in", in order to show the difference between the style, more SKYWORTH OLED TV and Tesla, will the extraordinary advance experience for people to bring a sense of.

  In the second posters, the SKYWORTH OLED TV screen changed to the rear of the Tesla. This contact copy OLED TV is the television industry in the future, the new energy vehicles is the future of the automotive industry, will be able to understand, the poster is to "innovative technology" as the core, which shows that the two are in their own position in the industry, to further emphasize the Tesla and SKYWORTH OLED TV to a certain extent of equivalence and similar relation.

  Until the last poster, SKYWORTH OLED TV screen took Tesla's car lights as the main body of the picture. A poster copy of "SKYWORTH OLED's new vision and the power of Tesla to hold the color TV future" reveals the meaning of the poster. The last poster of SKYWORTH is not only for people to answer the deeper meaning of the first two poster, but also to explain that SKYWORTH OLED TV is Tesla in color TV.

  Based on innovation technology and creating future for users
  However, under normal circumstances, there is no association with SKYWORTH Tesla, SKYWORTH why choose it to compare with you? As everyone knows, Tesla to fashion, innovative ideas for public knowledge, but also because of its new energy environmental protection characteristics of popular public praise, absorbing attention fans group cited a wave of all walks of life.
  In contrast, SKYWORTH always focuses on innovation and technology. SKYWORTH OLED TV leads the industry's OLED screen display technology, which can bring the surprise of Tesla to the public with its real visual experience. The core of SKYWORTH OLED TV is OLED light-emitting material. It can control every pixel of the screen independently, control every detail accurately, and achieve a new level in the contrast, visual angle and motion picture. Perhaps because of this, SKYWORTH will launch such a group of posters, Tesla for their own endorsement, to the public output, SKYWORTH OLED TV is Tesla in color TV.

  All along, SKYWORTH always adhere to the "condensed health technology" as the slogan, with innovative technology as the foundation of this enterprise, hoping to bring more people to health, the ultimate life experience. Therefore, SKYWORTH since 2013 the launch of China's first OLED TV, roots OLED technology, OLED TV has introduced new products, technology development and social practical action to help the industry to upgrade and more to make unremitting efforts to maintain and to enjoy the users a new "future vision" and experience.
We have reason to believe that in the future, SKYWORTH will continue as Tesla, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation to bring more extreme experience, will continue to promote the further development of the technology industry, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the industry major TV companies launched more high-quality products!