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BOE Shipments in The First three Quarters Accounted for 25%

Mildtrans-Evan 2017-12-29 09:59:44
BOE Shipments in The First three Quarters Accounted for 25%

  In the fiercely competitive semiconductor display field in the world, China has become the industry leader in display. From BOE (BOE Technology Group), the largest semiconductor innovator in China, it is learned that the company shipped 25% of the world's shipments in the first three quarters of 2017, ranking the first in the world.

    "Innovation is the magic and the only way we live." Wang Dongsheng, chairman of the BOE, said that in the most difficult time, BOE also insisted on putting about 7% of its annual revenue into research and development, and has now been in business for four years in a row By patent applications, the world's first new product coverage, R & D investment ratio and other indicators ranked first in the industry.

    In October of this year, BOE 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line went into operation. On December 20, the first 10.5-generation BOE invested and constructed by BOE recently delivered the first batch of products and became a new milestone in the global display industry.

    Choi Ji-long, deputy director of Orvite Cloud Network Display Devices and Systems Research said that as the world's largest size LCD panel production line, BOE 10.5 on behalf of the line put into operation can represent the full rise of the panel plant in mainland China. For the entire industry, the industrial structure change of "China and South Korea shrinking Japan and retreat" will be accelerated.

    In his opinion, Korean companies realized that competition with mainland manufacturers in the field of LCD traditional LCD would be unsustainable and gradually turned to the field of organic light-emitting displays of OLEDs. Taiwanese enterprises, through the innovation of LCD panels and the development of ultra-small pitch light-emitting diodes Micro LED and other new display technologies, and China's dislocation competition.

    However, BOE's development strategy has already gone beyond the display area.

    According to Wang Dongsheng introduction, with the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence, as well as with the Internet, display, sensing, life sciences and other disciplines and special fields of integration and integration, related industries will usher in a huge opportunity. Next, BOE must not only be the global leader in the display industry, but also maintain a global leader in the field of Internet of Things.
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