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Thin And Tough ThinkPad E480 / 580 New Listing

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2018-01-08
Thin And Tough ThinkPad E480 / 580 New Listing

  ThinkPad recently released a new ThinkPad E480 / E580, the new design, performance, harsh quality and high-end services have been fully upgraded, focused on the pursuit of efficiency in the Internet age, to meet the new business office just need. ThinkPad E480 / E580, respectively, with 14-inch and 15-inch screen, powered by the eighth generation of intelligent Intel Core Quad-core processor, the appearance of a more light and tough design, the material used in all tantalum capacitors motherboard, full-featured Type-C interface supports fast charging Technology, will be January 11, 2018 officially listed.

    New design, more business and more tough

    ThinkPad E480 / E580 using a new mold to build the first time in the E series sequence of products applied a tough rectangular design, and ThinkPad family of other products look more uniform, the appearance of more commercial. At the same time, micro-frame design on the big screen, the narrowest left and right frame only 6.9mm, support for 180 ° screen opening and closing, with metal hinges to prevent accidental collision, bringing a more open visual experience.

    The new generation of E-series body thickness of the thickest at only 19.9mm, the lightest to 1.75kg, thin body with a rich interface, and supports fast charging technology to achieve shutdown state 1 hour to quickly charge up to 80% The industry average. The keyboard uses the ThinkPad classic TrackPoint® Red Hat + three-button design, 1.8mm high touch floating island keyboard, for those who often need to move the office business people to provide more comprehensive support.

    ThinkPad E series at the beginning of the birth, by virtue of multi-color appearance aroused the concern of young people, the ThinkPad E480 continuation of ThinkPad classic black, but also provides a silver shell for the alternative, more business fashion.

    Superior performance, more face more durable

    The new ThinkPad E-Series takes the lead in delivering the eighth generation of Intel Core processors in the ThinkPad family with AMD Radeon ™ RX 550 high-performance discrete graphics and 4K super-clear signal output, both in office and gaming High speed and smooth experience. Optional M.2 PCIe SSD + 2.5 "HDD Dual hard drive with dual DDR4 memory slots, dual channel support, up to 32GB expandable for faster data transfer. High-performance configuration plus stability protection, whether business or entertainment can get a reliable and smooth experience.

    In the fuselage materials and family heritage, ThinkPad E480 / 580 uses a little tantalum capacitor board in the field of PC applications, with stability, small size, anti-electromagnetic interference, high temperature, long life and many other advantages. Using Think Cool black cool technology, through the MIL-810G standard up to 12 stability control test to ensure that E-series products in extreme environments can run smoothly.

    In terms of services, the ThinkPad E Series also fully supports Think-Zhen services, including 180 cities in mainland China, on-site service, accident protection and data rescue services, as well as full support from computer housekeeper engineers in real time and high-end telephone leased line services. Paul, truly worry-free experience anytime, anywhere.

    ThinkPad insists that with the combination of cutting-edge technology, professional design and rigorous qualities, the Optimal Productivity Tools portfolio for professional users, the ThinkPad E-Series has been focusing on delivering the most core product value to users since it was first introduced in 2009 Keynote, continuous innovation breakthroughs, optimization and perfection, by the majority of young users, the new ThinkPad E series will continue to adhere to this concept, to provide users with better production tools.