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Screen-maker-LGD-has-successfully-developed-a-88-inch-8KOLED panel

Mildtrans-Wakin 2018-01-05 14:57:15
Screen maker LGD has successfully developed a 88 inch 8KOLED panel

  The OLED screen also needs to do 8K, and the ultra high definition display technology is a new trend. LGD, a Korean screen maker, has announced that it has successfully developed a 88 inch 8KOLED panel and will show it on from January 9 to 12, 2018 at the CES International Consumer Electronics Exhibition held in Las Vegas, Garth.

  Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the display panel, the quality of the display will be more elaborate and vivid. However, when the pixel size of the image is smaller, it is very difficult for the pixel components to shrink the same proportion. Therefore, the opening rate of the panel will decrease correspondingly, which means that the efficiency of light passing through the panel will be reduced, so that it will be difficult to achieve high display brightness. However, OLED has self luminous characteristics, no backlight, and each pixel can control its brightness automatically. Therefore, it will not cause brightness loss due to the decrease of aperture ratio, and it can achieve 8K super high resolution display very easily. In addition, the panel design, technology and compensation technology of LGD have also been the guarantee of the realization of 8K display technology.

What is 8K

  If the color TV industry in 2017 is a year of OLED, then the color TV industry in 2018 will be 8K. At the CES2013 exhibition, SHARP launched a 8K resolution TV. 8K TV has a resolution of 7680 * 4320, 4 times the resolution of 4K, and is now 16 times that of the popular 1080P in the market. Last August, SHARP launched the world's first consumer 8K LCD TV, which sells for around 69 thousand yuan.

  OLED screen also needs to do 8K, the ultra high definition display technology is a new trend

  The high resolution of 8K TV can reach 33 million pixels, enough to reach 4.3 times of human eye recognition, but from 4K to 8K, the realization of the definition is not increased. 8K TV has improved in the aspects of screen precision, color gamut coverage, color depth, frame rate and so on. In last year's opening ceremony of Brazil Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, Japanese NHK carried out the 8K resolution video broadcast. Its powerful picture effect shocked the users. NHK in Japan announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will continue to be broadcast with 8K.

  High resolution is the evolutionary trend of color TV

  In December 2017, the first 10.5 generation line (the 10.5 generation TFT-LCD production line) in the world was put into operation in Hefei. The production line is dedicated to making a 65 - inch, 75 - Inch panel, and each glass substrate can be economically cut by 8, 65 inches, or 6, 75 inch panels. BOE also announced that Samsung, LG, SONY, Hisense, millet, Haier and other partners will deliver 75 inch 8K60Hz, 75 inch 8K120Hz and other large-size ultra high definition displays. From the perspective of color TV's large size, the 55 inch 4K products have been widely popularized, and the 8K products with more than 75 inches are more like an inevitable trend of the evolution of TV display technology.

  From the sales point of view, although the popularity of 4K in China has reached 7 or more, the popularity of 4K has just passed over 3. The imbalance of 4K in the market is synchronous with product size distribution and product price imbalance. In the future, 8K TV is likely to be concentrated in the high-end color TV market in "Europe and the United States and Japan".

  Before, there was no lack of voice to compare the 8K display technology with the OLED display technology as a competitive relationship. But as OLED joined the 8K camp, the color TV industry will take 8K as a new focus for the next year.
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