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Electronic Industry Weekly: LGD OLED 8.5 Factory Was Approved To Start In Guangzhou

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on :2018-01-03
Electronic Industry Weekly: LGD OLED 8.5 Factory Was Approved To Start In Guangzhou

  This week, the electronics industry index fell 1.82% week, the industry's 213 target, excluding suspension of the subject, the full-week rose only 85, still less than half. While the semiconductor sector was resilient on Friday's rally, most still had a correction on a full-week basis. The component segment gradually digested the downward impact of supply chain orders in the first quarter in two weeks, but overall growth We do not expect any real change to take place in real terms. In addition to the off-season effect of the first quarter of the New Year itself, we maintain our neutral rating.

    Welcome to the new year, 2018 next week will enter the first trading week, the overall evolution of the smart terminal supply chain in 2018 will still be China's domestic mobile phone brands continue to erode the share of overseas brands (especially Samsung) fierce battle. In the past two years, the domestic brands Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi continue to emerge and accelerate the expansion of the market. In 2018, the concentration of this market, especially in the domestic market, will rise again. Samsung's performance in the domestic market in 2017 can be described as nothing In 2018, China will continue to face the predicament of being aggressively. Not only will the domestic mobile phone market be fearlessly optimistic, but the overseas markets will also face the full encroachment of domestic brands, and the market share is expected to continue to decline. In addition, the domestic second and third-tier mobile phone brands will also face more difficult competition. In the context of market concentration, the only growth outlet must be overseas markets. At present, the markets in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia are already flattering, And not to mention HOV and millet, ZTE, Jin Li, all have been in the replication of audio and millet Oppo, Vivo's model, with physical access, manufacturing and huge marketing trying to come from behind, open your own new market.

    In addition, we noticed panel prices again since the fourth quarter, the downward trend began, according to IHS data, large and medium size PC and TV applications side of the decline is very clear in the 43,99-inch single-month decline even reached 5% , The situation on the mobile phone is slightly better, but the LTPS LCD gradually releases as the market increases supply, and the price cuts begin to appear in December. In the first quarter of next year, the panel price trend is also not optimistic. Against the backdrop of the relative oversupply of some panels and the relative reasonable inventory levels of downstream PC, TV and terminal manufacturers, many manufacturers are still looking into the markets and products in the first and second quarter of next year Changes in the overall situation in the short term there is no positive change.

    It should be pointed out that Apple iphone X in 3D sensing, wireless charging and other aspects of innovation, in fact, is still valid and long-term impact, and on the whole, the recent global smart phone brand manufacturers Apple, Huawei, Oppo, millet and other embracing 3D sensing applications, 2018 equipped with 3D sensing capabilities of the new machine will spring up in this context, the application of structured light is bound to have better room for growth in 2018, so we think that due to the rational interpretation of the current round The low opportunity brought by the market adjustment may not be a good opportunity for the companies such as Ophelia Light, Heli Tai and Taiwan-based stocks as well as Dali Guangguang and the King Vision Optoelectronics. For electronics and semiconductors other than the sub-sectors, this round of negative expectations of the supply chain components may need a quarter or so to adjust, we recommend that customers follow the structured stock ideas, waiting for the market turnaround.

    Industry Focus: According to Bloomberg, Apple's answer to the lawsuit's software update is that aging batteries in older iPhones cause performance problems (in an attempt to encourage consumers to switch to newer, more expensive models) and give a direct answer: Significantly reduce the warranty period of the iPhone to replace the new battery costs. Apple said in a statement that the company has never, and will never knowingly shorten the life of any Apple product, or to reduce customer experience to promote customer upgrades, Apple has always wanted customers to use the iPhone as long as possible. Apple said the reason the software was introduced at the end of 2016 is because battery-aging iPhones consume more power than batteries and cause unplanned shutdowns. This fix reduces the need for batteries and limits shutdown issues.

    According to Korean media Edaily reports, LGD on the 28th publicly said that for the supply of Apple iPhone X panel, not determined in 2017, as to whether the supply of iPhone X panel in the future, there is no specific matter as the panel supply or price changes frequently , It is unlikely to sign a supply contract in Japanese terms. Early December, South Korea's securities industry rumored LGD finalized with the Apple iPhone X with OLED supply contract, LGD said at the time there is no specific matter to determine, 1 month after the progress will be announced, however, a month did not come, LGD will Unveil the news that 2017 will not be available to Apple.