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Panel rival cooperation, Samsung purchase LCD panel

Mildtrans-Michael 2017-07-26 17:20:33
Panel rival cooperation, Samsung purchase LCD panel

  Samsung and LG has been the TV and LCD panel industry enemies, both sides because of fierce competition, resulting in a long time without any cooperation in the field of electronic products. But recently there are foreign media reports, LG Display will supply more than 40 inches LCD panel to Samsung, is expected before the end of the supply of 70,000. Which broke the long-term competition between the two sides of the formation of non-supply panel unwritten provisions.

  Samsung to LG Display to seek cooperation, largely due to Sharp to provide Samsung LCD panel. Sharp has just been reorganized before the original production capacity has just begun to reactivate and announced the expansion of the old line, and then build a new line of the occasion, at the end of last year unexpectedly announced to stop the future of important rivals Samsung TV panel production capacity. It is understood that at the end of last year, Sharp has decided, from 2017 onwards to stop the supply of TV panels to Samsung. Since then, Samsung held a meeting of the meeting, and sent personnel in charge of the relevant matters to the LGD consultation panel capacity distribution issues.

    Samsung has about 10% (400-500 million) of the TV panel by the Sharp SDP 10 generation line production, accounting for Sharp total capacity of about five percent. Hon Hai acquired Sharp, immediately launched a repurchase Sharp TV brand overseas use rights and assembly plant capacity action, and actively restore the production of Sharp TV. Honghai chairman Terry Gou and Sharp cooperation on behalf of the 10-generation line, had said Hon Hai and Sharp together will be able to beat Samsung, Honghai has been regarded as Samsung as an important competitor.

    Samsung last year produced a total of 47.4 million TV products, for eleven consecutive years to maintain the global TV market share first. But Samsung is currently the main capacity on the small size of the OLED panel, LCD TV panel in the current basic to the Chinese panel manufacturers BOE and other panel companies open auction procurement, and shares of the Huaxing photoelectric TV panel production capacity. Samsung itself in the LCD TV is turned to focus on quantum technology research and development, and OLED TV want a showdown.
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