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Opponents of OLED lifetime talk about quantum dot technology before and after

Mildtrans-Wakin 2017-12-13 14:32:40
Opponents of OLED lifetime talk about quantum dot technology before and after

Talk about quantum dots technology before and after

  As we all know, the current market, the three major display technologies are: LCD, OLED and quantum dots. The current market share point of view, the traditional LCD still occupy most of the market, but also the most mature technology. The OLED technology is undoubtedly the best now the most talked about display technology, but also many manufacturers currently seize the market's main competitive point. Quantum dot technology as a future display technology to contend with OLED, although the current exposure is not as good as OLED, but its advantages are obvious.

Opponents of OLED lifetime talk about quantum dot technology before and after

  Quantum dot in the past two years can be described as wind and water, in the display environment driven, quite a wave of the Yangtze River after the waves pushed the potential. Although currently OLED has won a lot of praise from outside world due to its own color gamut, speed of response, and advantages of saturation and contrast, the problems of OLED such as burn screen and smear are not solved well so far.

Quantum dot contrast LED advantage in color

  Quantum dots are display technologies based on high-tech materials that are chemically and atomically reconstructed at the atomic and molecular level. Quantum dots change their diameter depending on the quantum dots being stimulated by electricity or light to emit high quality monochromatic light of various colors , Quantum dot size is continuously adjustable, can achieve blue to green, to yellow, to orange, to red emission, so color accurate and pure.

The future of quantum dot is limitless

  At present, a new generation of inorganic trichromatic quantum dots shows that the material volume is only one ten thousandth of that of organic luminescent materials, achieving a breakthrough of the order of magnitude from micron to nanometer. The advantages of a new generation of quantum dots can be summarized as "high, pure, long" in three areas. "High" is the high color gamut, the color gamut coverage of 110% NTSC; "pure" is pure color, color purity than ordinary LED upgrade about 58.3%, accurately showing the natural colors; "long" is the color for a long time, a new generation Ultra-thin quantum dots are stable inorganic nano-materials, to ensure the durability of color, lasting color stability of up to 60,000 hours.

  In addition to the advantages of color, quantum dots have the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, high utilization of raw materials, environmental pollution, high pass rate and other advantages, and quantum dots are very environmentally friendly, low cadmium content, not Human harm.

Quantum dot products have demonstrated their advantages

  Whether it is from the display, environmental issues or costs, quantum dot display technology for the present display products to the future a good solution, more notably, the current stage of quantum dot display technology is still in its infancy, which It means that there is limitless space for its development.
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