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The primary concern in the small-size panel market is the omission of whales from OLEDs

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on :2017-11-27
The primary concern in the small-size panel market is the omission of whales from OLEDs

    2022 OLED panel production capacity to 4 times. British survey company IHS Markit released a forecast report on the 24th that 2022 global OLED panel production is expected to increase to 50.1 million square meters, will reach 4.2 times in 2017. OLED panel continues to popularize, Apple (Apple) is expected to start on November 3 iPhone X started to use, and in order to attack the block growth market, South Korea, Chinese manufacturers have resorted to increase investment.

    In addition, the Chinese manufacturers such as BOE and CSOT will also expand their production capacity in addition to Samsung Display, which supplies OLED panels to Apple. Driven by the "RGB OLED panel production capacity is expected to increase to 31.9 million square meters, will reach 3.6 times in 2017; used in television, "white" OLED panel production capacity is expected to increase to 18.2 million square meters, will reach 2017 6.1 times.

    IHS pointed out that in smart machine OLED panels, flat products and LCD panels due to competition, so the price is showing down. In addition, the bendable OLED panel is due to play a difference, it is estimated there will be no extreme price collapse situation.

    Japanese Apple Information Website iPhone Mania reported on October 12, according to Korean media the bell pointed out that Apple has been working with LG Display (LGD) collapsible iPhone development. LGD has set up a task force to develop the new foldable OLED screen for iPhone and LG Innotek has also set up R & D team to develop Rigid-Flex PCB (RFPCB) for the new iPhone.

    Nikkei Shimbun Oct. 12 reported that the US market research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) released a forecast report that estimated the size of small and medium-size OLED panels for smart phones will fall in 2019, mainly due to panel makers have covered The new plant, expanding production capacity, so supply will be higher than demand.

    DSCC pointed out that Apple is expected to start on November 3 launch of the iPhone X on the use of OLED panel is expected to expand the use of Chinese manufacturers in the future, 2017-2018 global OLED panel plant operating rate (capacity utilization) can be estimated However, with the rapid increase of production capacity in China and South Korea in 2019, the plant utilization rate is expected to decline to 84%. However, when the out-of-stock situation is lifted and the supply of middle-priced smartphones is broadened, , Also let OLED panel prices will probably fall.

    Land Media "Global Times" reported on September 23, the huge market demand for OLED means that OLED has become a strategic material for Chinese handset makers to compete, attracting BOE, Huaxing Power, and Hui Optoelectronics and other Chinese panel makers. Last December, the first 6th generation OLED production line in Shanghai with Fluoropower was started. BOE to build a 6th generation flexible OLED production line in Mianyang, Sichuan. Industry estimates, various domestic manufacturers have invested hundreds of billions of yuan in OLED development and production. However, new capacity may not be able to stabilize shipments until about 2020.

    MoneyDJ News reported on September 20, TrendForce Optoelectronics Research (WitsView) analysis of the recent panel industry trends in the small-size panel market is the primary concern is the LCD's share of the erode, OLED recently released iPhone X series products will be the proportion of OLED The biggest contributor to the climb, it is estimated that OLED's overall smart phone carrying capacity will grow steadily from 28% in 2017 to 33% in 2018.