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From Slim to narrow border in the evolution of the display's appearance

  • Author:Mildtrans-English
  • Release on :2017-11-29
From Slim to narrow border in the evolution of the display's appearance

  Today's IT product market, industrial design more attention, especially, such as liquid crystal as a single function and the pursuit of products very high standard its basic characteristics, more design must emphasize elements, complex product competition and the constant improvement of user demands may account for the first opportunity.

From Slim to narrow border in the evolution of the display's appearance

  And nowadays more consumers, it product metrics, core concerns to silently reduce time in the era of technological barriers gradually, the allocation of industrial design performance, the Amazing feeling of how to allow users to fully harvest the product design Also Follow.

  As an important part of the desktop hardware, the LCD products have undergone tremendous changes in this year, the thin narrow border, evolving. And these two are no longer accustomed to specific names of a particular kind of product, but characteristic of many products "advertising".

  In fact, the product has a slim body, admittedly users have a lot of allure. Although the user has seen, only the thickness of subtle changes in this size and a monitor, it changes including countless efforts to artisan 0.1 mm trades. How thin circuit Board does not affect the functionality of the Panel, and allow improved performance, you can only see the reduction of figures, but did not see the painters of bits and pieces.

  The physical boundary design is no longer bound to the limit, so that the desktop screen is not tied to the limit by breaking conventional monitor boundary constraints. The new concept of no physical boundary design has brought the screen frame about traditional boundaries, but also allow the players to feel what they are called "seamless bonding", multi-screen construction, to provide maximum extent to the user Visual integrity.

  The ultra-slim body or the ultra-narrow bezel design seems to be a good and important role not only for the appearance of the product, and the visual display can make more pronounced, more shocking effect. The appearance of this monitor also shows that the user is based on the evolution of their needs and experience.