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Microsoft: abandon Intel! New version of the surface carrying Xiaolong 835

  • Author:Mildtrans-Wakin
  • Release on:2017-09-29
Microsoft: abandon Intel! New version of the surface carrying Xiaolong 835

  According to reports, Microsoft hosted the Surface engineer at Ignite 2017. Microsoft asked the new product, the answer confirmed that the LTE version of the Surface Pro will be listed on December 1. The release is expected to be in the October 30 London special event, the speaker is the head of the surface department Panos Panay.

  Prior to this, Microsoft has a co-electric power company has revealed the configuration of the Surface Pro LTE i5 +8 G + 256GB price is 1169 pounds.

  From the launch of the time in December, does not completely rule out the possibility of surface Pro carrying Xiaolong 835, after all, with it to do with the natural advantages of LTE. There is the focus of Intel now seems to have no longer on the PC to switch to hot no direction, but for the impact of AMD, toothpaste factory will not bring about the performance and the previous generation of so many new chips. If Microsoft opened the abandoned Intel's head, then the next PC manufacturers will follow the pace of Microsoft?