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Ignite2017: Microsoft and then push the big Win10 S notebook

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-09-27
Ignite2017: Microsoft and then push the big Win10 S notebook

    Ignite2017 the first day of the General Assembly, Microsoft not only announced the 365 educational suite (Office 365 Education Edition, Win10 system, EMS, Minecraft education version), but also work together OEM brings a variety of Windows 10 S notebook, $ 299 (about 1977 RMB) To sell.

    Microsoft said that later this year or early 2018 OEM manufacturers will launch a large number of Windows 10s equipment, the vast majority of which for the education market, of course, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Fujitsu will also launch enterprise-class Win10 S notebook, these Win10 S notebook Priced between $ 299 and $ 399.

    Among them, HP Stream 14 Pro will be sold in October, priced at $ 275; later this year, Acer will launch $ 299 Aspire 1 and 349 US dollars Swift 1; next year in February, Lenovo will launch the new v330 Windows 10S Notebook, priced at $ 349.

   Win10 S system is Microsoft's education market for the introduction of a streamlined version of the system, Win10 S equipment can only download from the Windows store, install the application running, and can not change the default browser, but in March 31, 2018 free upgrade to Win10 Professional Edition System. However, Win10 S is not special - specifically refers to the education market, the future will also go to the enterprise market, after all, Win10 S will be in line with Google Chrome system.