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"Eight Points for Attention" for your Laptop

Mildtrans-Michael 2014-12-26 19:45:35
"Eight Points for Attention" for your Laptop

    1st, Pay attention to protect the laptop lcd screen. 
    Don't remove the laptop LCD screen protective film off to avoid dust and fingerprints, don't use sharp objectives, such as ballpoint pen and other direct link with the LCD, it will be possible to make LCD scratch; notebook can't bear too much heavy items on its top, could cause the LCD to break, pay attentions to product boxing bag signs bear the greatest weight; you could use industrial alcohol or glass cleaner, etc. To stick on a few soft cotton, in a directly line to gently wipe the LCD screens, but be careful cleaners and don't be excessive, so the gap in the inflow of LCD,  short electrical circuit and cause corrosion.

    2nd, Pay attention to battery maintenance. 
    Thermal results of chemic activity is one of the killer, long stuck in electrical energy will not only cause the battery temperature is too high, relation to the heat will also affect the chemical activity of the battery itself, extra time after a long time, the chemical energy of the battery will  reduce step by step. Lastly, the battery operating time is reduced. Consequently, prolonged use of external laptop adapter customers, after the battery is fully charged battery should be removed to ensure that the chemical activity of cells in the best condition! If the battery isn't long at least once a month using a battery to charge and discharge. When you first get a laptop, the battery should be decent eight hours, in order to allow the battery to maintain the best condition.

    3rd, Pay attention to the maintenance of the laptop keyboard. 
    The laptop keyboard is part of the notebook computer users the most touch, long years down between the keyboard will accumulate some scatter, the scatter can be used for a clean paint brush in a clear gap between the Qing, general cleaning camera lenses or use high-pressure spray cans, blowing out the scatter. Because, the laptop keyboard can be used to stabilize cleaning spray cleaner on a soft material, then hushed up the laptop keyboard, so not only can the grease on the keyboard easily cleared, can in addition to increase the friction between the keyboard and the fingers, so playing since word more smoothly. But be careful to don't to pour water on the laptop keyboard, which could result in serious damage to the internal printed electrical circuit and personal risk. If you're not careful the water should be immediately break off the power, remove the battery, and then find professionals to deal with, do not disassemble, damage may be expanded.

    4th, pay attention to the hard disk to use. 
    In general, when the hard disk is the most vulnerable in the boot and closedown time, the boot hard disk is activated, the number of revolutions of the motor if this time hasn't still stabilized, and then prone to vibration wrong caused by bad sectors disc, while the closedown is a general users frequently, because of the hard disk is not completely yet, on any movement, this time they're likely to cause damage to the hard disk. Additionally, the laptop should be in a stable condition, to avoid the operation in place of the computer trains, automobiles, etc. They will be shaking, and so extend the life of the hard drive! 

    5th, pay attention to light, floppy protection. 
    User should be avoided at the computer CD-ROM smoking, nicotine in cigarettes, will take in the CD laser head, leading in poor read; don't use inferior disc, irregularly shaped discs, or risk serious damage to the laser head; common CD cleaning tablets available, clean the CD reader. Floppy, too, try not to put too long much might have been slightly moldy floppy disk used to read; generally a few dollars can buy a clean sheet in the laptop screen supplies shop to do maintenance to extend the read-write head lifetime.

    6th, pay attention to the fans care. 

    Should regularly check whether there's dust fan and lead to poor cooling down, and so the computer image stability. If dust used a small brushing, stretching fan inside, gently brushing, you are able to brush the dust. Asus laptop, just machines, it will automatically test your computer's fan, if turned on, the fan is no reaction, it's recommended that you link with the service station, in order to avoid overheating caused by damage to the machine.

    7th, note the use of the touchpad. 
    Keep hands clean when using the touchpad, the mouse pointer in order to avoid running around. Such as surface dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with water and lightly wipe clean. The touchpad applying electrostatic induction principle, don't use sharp objects on top of the writing, nor do they need to use the weight to avoid damage and deformation.

    8th, other conditions. 

    Light open and light off laptop lcd screen cover to avoid liquid crystal display cable loose due to heavy force, causes the screen to flicker; if your laptop lcd screen to the left and right case of card shoots designed to be biased when you charge up some sides agreed to avoid biasing the latch due to uneven fracture; avoid randomly placed notebooks, to prevent misuse caused by the LCD to break sitting; while to put away the laptop bag, remember that the buckle about the internal system in order to avoid unintentional opening lead out fall and breakage; laptop computer bag generally is the issue of the design load, in general, are no problem attaching the back, but put too much debris may make the strap overload fracture; don't leave laptop computer generally prolonged exposure in the overheated carriages, and it will lead to premature aging laptop parts; should be regularly updated drivers to assure compatibility and stability laptops, regular backups of important data notebooks to reduce the risk of data loss; unless differently indicated, all laptops are not connected to the peripheral interface peripherals at boot time; laptops are high pitch electronic devices should avoid external interference, such as mobile phones, can not be placed on a laptop running to the phone or else may lead to laptop computer crashes or automatic closedown.
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