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iPhone X Revelation: When will the full-screen notebook come

Mildtrans-Evan 2017-09-13 11:18:42
iPhone X Revelation: When will the full-screen notebook come

    Now, the notebook industry is set off a "narrow border" competition.

    From 7 mm to 5 mm, and then to 4 o'clock a few millimeters, different manufacturers with unprecedented enthusiasm, again and again to refresh the notebook frame width of the physical limit. However, focusing on the current smart phone industry, but found that the laptop in the narrow frame to explore the road, or "behind" too much.

    This morning, Apple officially released the iPhone X. Although today's Apple has no secret at all, but when this full-screen mobile phone really placed in front of us, I believe that many people still have a feeling of emotion. No matter how many domestic and foreign manufacturers have already released similar products, but when the iPhone appears, it is still the world's most representative full-screen mobile phone.

    In the past, Apple has been leading the direction of the smart phone industry, the domestic manufacturers seem to only "learn from Apple" this road optional. The overall screen era, although slightly behind Apple, but still the industry is unique in the benchmark.

    Unfortunately, today's notebook industry has been early ThinkPad, MacBook, VAIO king of the times. Fortunately, Specter, YOGA, XPS and other "emerging" forces rise. These brands to bring the industry is the innovation of the decision, as well as with the steady self-proclaimed farewell courage. And narrow borders / micro-border, it is these products to bring the industry's new innovation focus.

    However, in the face of iPhone X, I can not help but want to ask: "When will a full-screen laptop come?"

    2015, Dell introduced XPS series of new products - XPS 13. This product subverts our awareness of the notebook screen border. 5 mm width let us see a new interpretation of the fashion, the visual experience, the design. In the next two years, including HP, Lenovo, Asus, LG, Samsung, including notebook brands have introduced narrow border or micro-border products, notebook screen is no longer because the border is too thick and clumsy, and even ugly, this Design to enhance the visual experience for all to see.

    Narrow frame design brings not only the change in beauty. Its most direct benefit is the high-screen ratio brought about by the portability and visual experience between the balance. Which is why the XPS 13 can be 11 inch level notebook body, into the 13.3-inch level notebook screen.

    Visible, the border "degradation" for notebook computers more emphasis on the visual experience of the device, is a very meaningful thing.

    · Can a laptop implement a full-screen design?

    At present, the mainstream of the narrow range of notebook products in the width of about 6 mm, 4.5 mm to 5 mm can be seen as the next section of the notebook screen physical limit interval, because in this range of notebook products, a handful. So for notebooks such products, whether the implementation of such as the iPhone X such a comprehensive screen design? If the realization of the need to solve the problem?

    In theory, the notebook computer is difficult, as nowadays, as a smart phone to achieve a high degree of full-screen design, but at least the width of the screen frame and then look down a few millimeters, making the border becomes narrower.

    So why is it that the laptop is hard to do the true sense of the full screen design?

    First of all, the most direct reason is that the size of the notebook computer screen is much larger than the smart phone, need to have sufficient strength to support the structure, otherwise it is likely to cause damage, I believe this is not difficult to understand.

    Second, the shape of the notebook itself, making the screen at least in the bottom of the border is difficult to achieve a significant reduction in size. If you limit the area of the bottom border, it may affect the stability and ruggedness of the entire screen opening and closing.

    In addition, although today's laptop screen cable compared with the past in the density has been greatly reduced, but still have to set aside some space, so as to ensure the life of the cable.

    Of course, some friends may think, and the phone is exactly the same split 2-in-1 computer is not possible to make a full-screen design. In fact, this is also very difficult thing. Because it can be split 2-in-1 computer can save the shaft, cable hole and other structures, but still have to consider the keyboard base of the connection problem. Unless the use of Bluetooth keyboard, but this way, 2 in 1 computer has become a Tablet PC. What is the significance of doing so? Worth it? Are the need to weigh the problem.

    · Reduction of borders is not a required course for the computer screen revolution

    Notebook computer screen and smart phone screen development direction Although the same time to give the same feeling, that the laptop will be like a smart phone as a gradual evolution of the ultra-borders or a comprehensive screen. However, in fact, micro-border this wave of innovation after the heat, reducing the border limit is not the future of computer screen evolution of the required course.

    Although the chip size is getting smaller and smaller, and the emergence of more computer products, the future development of the computer may completely break the individual restrictions.

    Such as Intel's computer card released at the Taipei Computer Show this year, it only credit card size, through a specific interface can be directly connected to a variety of devices with the interface to use, so quickly into a computer. Such as the future of the home mirror, toilet cover, wardrobe door; public places of billboards, digital signage, as long as the support of this specific authentication interface, matched with a screen or the original screen, then these original life can be seen everywhere Object, you can become a computer is used by the user.

    In this case, how can the screen frame is wide and narrow, what is the meaning for the computer?

    Of course, it is undeniable that the reduction of the border, to explore the micro-border physical limit, is the moment the notebook computer industry, one of the big direction, the benefits of micro-border frame needless to say. However, with the PC shape changes brought about by the traditional PC concept of subversion, the future we should define the PC more generalized, rather than limited to a screen, a keyboard, or a chassis.

(When the walls can become a computer, the size of the screen border and what is the point?)

    iPhone X suffocating full-screen design may affect the next few years the computer screen innovation, but in the long run, PC on the road to innovation, the full meaning of the screen may be far less like the impact of smart phones so much.
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