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Weekly Morning Meeting Update——Offshore Flow

2023-07-17 16:51:36

During the scorching summer, everyone loves to go to the seaside for water activities. Today, I will share with you the invisible killer at the beach - offshore flow.

Offshore flow is a surface water current near the coastline that forms when waves break and recede on the beach. The strong water flow of offshore currents can pose a certain danger to swimmers as it can quickly carry them away from the shore.

Characteristics of offshore flow:
1.Concealment (hidden beneath the sparkling sea surface)
2.Sudden occurrence (can happen unexpectedly without any warning, regardless of weather conditions)
3.Unpredictability (the intensity and conditions of offshore flow change due to various factors such as waves, tides, astronomical factors, wind direction, etc., making it unpredictable)

Self-rescue techniques when encountering offshore flow:
1.Stay calm.
2.Don't fight the offshore flow.
3.Keep your balance and avoid being overturned by the waves.
4.Avoid struggling or panicking.
5.Look for life-saving equipment.
6.Swim towards the sides.
7.Signal for rescue assistance.

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