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Mildtrans 2023 Mid-Year Review and Second Half Kick-off Meeting

2023-07-18 18:50:03

Mid-Year Review:

All the partners at Nakagawa will conduct a comprehensive summary and sharing of their work in the first half of the year, honestly addressing both the areas where they performed well and those where improvements are needed. The aim is to make adjustments and strive for better outcomes in the second half of the year.

Value and significance of the review:
It provides clarity on the progress towards individual annual goals.
It allows for a review of strengths and weaknesses in the first half of the year, providing direction for self-improvement.
By reviewing and planning for the second half of the year, it boosts confidence in achieving goals.
Each person's sharing holds great value, enabling others to learn and gain insights.

Goals and plans for the second half of the year:
Each team member will adjust their goals and plans for the next half of the year based on their individual annual objectives and current progress, driving themselves towards the ultimate goal achievement.

Confidence and determination:
Over the past half year, we have witnessed the outstanding performance of many team members. We sincerely appreciate everyone's contributions, as they have made our work smooth and efficient. Additionally, we have established various awards at the end of the year to motivate everyone to strive towards their goals.

Closing remarks:
During the exchange at the mid-year meeting, we collectively reviewed the achievements and challenges of individuals and the company. Moving forward, we will put our plans into action, working towards the ultimate annual goals.mildtrans,

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