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The ultra thin mechanical keyboard comes - CHERRY CES releases the new axis

  • Author:Mildtrans-Wakin
  • Release on:2018-01-15
The ultra thin mechanical keyboard comes - CHERRY CES releases the new axis

  January 12, 2018 - CHERRY, market leaders and mechanical keyboard experts officially released MX Low Profile RGB.

New axis of notebook keyboard and ultra-thin mechanical keyboard

  The low light switch uses a new design that keeps the MX axis's consistent advantages and is very light in size. This makes the structure of mechanical keyboard further compact and thin. CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB is applicable not only to notebook computers, but also to ultra-thin high-end mechanical keyboards.

  CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB is 30 years since the first mechanical keyboard of a truly new milepost type innovation, CHERRY R & D department invested a lot of money and time to reach the axis of total height of only 11.9 mm and does not lose the feel and quality.

Quality and characteristics

  MX Low Profile RGB is 35% shorter than the standard MX shaft height, and because of its unique design, it can carry on the notebook keyboard to achieve the feel of desktop keyboard. The new CHERRY switch is fully developed and manufactured by Germany, and the "German made" seal represents the best quality of the product and the highest manufacturing accuracy.

  Although it is very low, the sense of CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB has no shrinkage compared to the MX axis that has become an industry pole. The linear feel is consistent, the total stroke is reduced from 4 to 3.2 mm, making it shorter and faster.

  To provide the best quality, CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB also adopts high precision and long life gold cross contact technology, which has corrosion resistance and self cleaning ability, and its service life is more than 50 million times.

  The upper cover of the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB is transparent, with the CHERRY unique SMD LED to realize the 16 million 800 thousand color lamp, and the lighting effect is very uniform.

  CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB will start the red axis. It preserves the standard CHERRY red axis linear sense of hand, 45cN trigger pressure and other classic parameters to meet the game player and the daily needs.