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LG Will Spend 1.1 Billion US Dollars To Build LED Panel Factory In Vietnam

Mildtrans-Evan 2018-01-12 09:39:19
LG Will Spend 1.1 Billion US Dollars To Build LED Panel Factory In Vietnam

  South Korean panel maker LG Display recently approved a 1.19 trillion won (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) investment to expand the company's OLED panel module plant in Vietnam, according to the South Korean media THE INVESTER. LG Display decided to expand Vietnam panel module factory main reason is that the South Korean government worried about OLED panel technology outflow, it is delayed approval of LG Display's first Chinese OLED panel investment case.

    The report pointed out that due to panel production at the same time, the module factory must carry out the relevant supporting work, the Chinese production plan delayed, LG Display began to expand Vietnam module factory to meet market demand. The investment plan, the amount of 600 million US dollars in debt financing, and 500 million US dollars capital increase. Taking into account the uncertainty of the regulatory review unit in South Korea, the plan will be phased in four years.

    In July 2017, LG Display has proposed to the South Korean government that it is planning to build its first OLED panel plant in China worth 5 trillion won. As South Korea's OLED panel technology is one of the government-subsidized technologies, any overseas plant project must be filed with the government before it can be licensed.

    LG Display set up its first overseas OLED factory in China due to delays in testing months after the South Korean government questioned the potential for technology stealing by rivals. LG Display worried about the surge in market demand, coupled with fierce competition, OLED fab may lose the excellent investment opportunities in the case, decided to start the expansion plan of the factory in Vietnam.

    For the above report, LG Display pointed out that the expansion of the factory in Vietnam and the planned plant in China do not conflict, because the Chinese market will focus on the future of larger OLED TV panel production. However, there are also rumors in the outside world that LG Display will expand its module factory in Vietnam to meet the needs of the future production of China panel factories. Regardless of what the outside world is saying, South Korea's government will decide this month whether to approve LG Display's plant in China to confirm all the plans.
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