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The cell phone OLED panel will grow barbarous in 2018 to surpass the liquid crystal

Mildtrans-Wakin 2018-02-05 16:08:39
The cell phone OLED panel will grow barbarous in 2018 to surpass the liquid crystal

  OLED mobile phone panel barbaric growth in 2018 will exceed the LCD according to the British research firm IHS Markit released a report, due to the iPhone X using OLED panel driven mobile phone sales promotion, making the 2017 intelligent mobile phone application panel market size compared to 2016 increased 33%, to $44 billion 800 million, of which the OLED panel accounted for 45%, in 2018 is expected to exceed the liquid crystal panel. In 2017, the mobile phone LCD panel was ranked the first place by Japanese manufacturer JDI. China's Tianma micro electronics market share increased to 16.9%, and the city's ranking increased from second in 2016 to second.

  Mobile OLED panel is currently monopolized by a Samsung, with a market share of more than 90%, and has an absolute advantage. It is reported that the OLED panel provided by Samsung to Apple iPhone X is higher than the general OLED panel price, which is higher than 4~5. Compared with the LCD panel, it has a price difference of up to 2~3 times, which is why iPhone X will become the most expensive iPhone type in history.

  As we all know, the mainland panel factory has also actively developed the small size OLED industry. The B7 plant in Chengdu and the B11 plant in Mianyang are the 6 generation flex OLED panel production line, with a total monthly capacity of 96 thousand tablets. Huaxing optoelectronics is located in the T4 plant in Wuhan, which is the 6 generation Flex - type OLED panel production line with a monthly capacity of 45 thousand.

  This year, apple and Samsung will wait for the mobile phone factory to launch a brand new OLED screen phone, making the demand for OLED panel will increase significantly, but the capacity of small OLED will grow more. With the maturity and cost reduction of small OLED market, more mobile phones will be able to use OLED screen in the future, but whether the market can eat such a huge OLED panel capacity is still a question mark.
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