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LG Display or Samsung supply 100 million LCD TV panels

Mildtrans-Wakin 2018-02-02 18:06:29
LG Display or Samsung supply 100 million LCD TV panels

  South Korea's Samsung Electronics announced last week that it is in talks with LG Display to buy the latter's LCD TV panels, which for the first time show the two South Korean rivals interested in working with each other.

  Samsung Electronics said it is considering an agreement with LG Display, a subsidiary of LG Electronics, but the details have not yet been decided. In response, LG Display declined to comment.

  Informed sources said the two companies are on the 1 million LCD TV panel supply issues for negotiation. In August 2016, Japanese panel maker Sharp was acquired by Hon Hai. In December of that year, Sharp announced that it will stop supplying large-size LCD TV panels to Samsung Electronics beginning in 2017.

  "Samsung Electronics and LG Display approached LCD panel supply with an order size of 1 million panels, but LG believes it is important to do business with a long-term 'rival'," one industry source said. "LG believes it can Gradually expand the order. "

  In 2016, Samsung bought about 2 to 3 million 40-60-inch LCD panels from Sharp, a joint venture with Hon Hai.

  Although Samsung and LG are trying to work together in the LCD panel business, the two companies are still fiercely competing in the high-end TV panels: LG is pushing its OLED panels while Samsung is betting on quantum dot technology.

  At the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, LG Electronics showcased a 28-meter OLED arcade made up of 246 LG OLED panels. LG said its OLED technology uses self-luminescent materials that precisely control image brightness and picture quality. OLED panels offer the advantages of being lighter, thinner, and more flexible because they do not require a separate backlight.

  At CES, LG unveiled the world's first QLED TV using 8K AI technology, which will be available globally in the second half of 2018 in South Korea and the United States. Samsung Electronics said the 8K resolution maximizes the viewing experience by increasing standard resolution and reducing noise.
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