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South Korea hit 100 million RMB into the panel industry consolidation pillar industry

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-09-22
South Korea hit 100 million RMB into the panel industry consolidation pillar industry

  According to the Yonhap news agency reported that the South Korean government announced Monday, South Korea's major semiconductor and display manufacturers plan to 2024 before the total investment in the Korean domestic market 51.9 trillion won (about 302.6 billion RMB) to stimulate the Korean economy and create employment.

    South Korea's Ministry of Trade and Industry, September 18, 2017, including vice chairman and chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics Kwon Oh-hyun, SK Helshi Vice Chairman Park Sung-wook, Golden Display CEO Han Sang-beom and other top ten major semiconductor and display manufacturers, and Minister Paik Woon-gyu meeting announced the investment plan, and outlined the further development of high-tech industry strategy.

  Samsung Electronics said it would invest 21.4 trillion won (about 124.8 billion RMB) by 2021 and build a new OLED panel plant in Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, and LG Display , Plans to spend 15 trillion won (about 87.45 billion RMB) in the next three years, in Gyeonggi Province and Gyeongsangbuk-do building OLED panel plant.

    Paik Woon-gyu, Minister of Trade and Industry of Korea, said that the Korean government should strengthen its support for the semiconductor and display areas, which are the core of the next generation of technological revolution and one of the major export drivers of Korea The "China has invested heavily in this area to narrow the technological gap with industry leaders, and Korean companies must be aware of the need to prevent technology leakage and brain drain."

    At present, China's capital investment in the construction of a large number of LCD panel production line, driven by market demand, the future will continue to have capital in the LCD panel into a lot of money, LCD panel production will focus on trends in China, the industry is There are other forces can be blocked.

    In this case, South Korea's panel enterprises began to display technology in the panel area to OLED technology, in order to open the competition with the Chinese panel industry advantage. In particular, after years of industrial practice, South Korea's Samsung Electronics and LG Display in the field of OLED has made a very good industrial base, Samsung Electronics is the world's largest mobile phone OLED display suppliers, OLED shipments accounted for the global market More than two percent, LG is the world's largest TV OLED display suppliers, OLED TV panel shipments also reached the global market share of 5%, are firmly occupied the two areas of high-end products market.

    But the past two years, China's capital is also the same large-scale invasion of OLED panel area, the cumulative investment is also close to the scale of 300 billion, production capacity released, will reach about one quarter of the global market share. South Korean government and industry re-invested about 200 billion in the OLED above, apparently want to continue to maintain the regional capacity advantage.

    China's capital in recent years in the development of LCD panel process, the absorption of a large number of international market, LCD professionals in the field, and once caused Japan, South Korea, Taiwan panel industry blockade. China is now actively involved in the field of OLED industry competition, the largest source of talent, can only be concerned about the industry over the past decade, the Korean industry, no wonder the South Korean government to shout "Korean companies must pay attention to prevent technology leakage and brain drain."

    Panel industry after years of development, although in principle and technology have entered a very mature stage, but the panel is, after all, a cross-cutting cross-cutting industries, in some areas or the need for a very deep production technology precipitation and experience accumulation. Even after 10 years of rapid development, China's panel enterprises in the introduction of new technologies and new processes, it is easy to rise in yield is slow, capacity climbing period is too long, such as the current 4K \ 8K TV panel and Smart phone in-cell full screen product import stage.

    Therefore, there are mass production experience of panel talent has been the object of competition in the industry. China's panel enterprises as a result of talent management mechanism and industry atmosphere reasons, the core talent in the cultivation and use of a lot of room for improvement, foreign panel talent for a long period of time, will also be very popular in China is the industry fact.