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Remove the laptop keyboard by hands

Mildtrans-Michael 2015-02-27 17:57:16
Remove the laptop keyboard by hands

    If your laptop keyboard, there is a problem, how would you do? You want to know what is inside the keyboard? You have to try to open the keyboard? Here are some tips for those who are curious laptop keyboard architecture.

    The first step is to find a breakthrough. There seems to be no other than the keyboard screws. In addition to the key, there are several lights. This is all the keyboard has. But if you are serious, you will find two small screws hidden under the keyboard. The use of tiny, thin blade to pull down. When two screws to pull over, trying to lift the keyboard tender, because there some plastic cable under the keyboard panel. Only a few cards under the keyboard, I can fix the keyboard, and the first lift the keyboard, then pull in the opposite direction, at the same time, the keyboard must be careful to avoid the back of the keyboard cable rupture force.

    Then you can remove the keyboard. In fact, there are three wires are inserted into the data on the vertical board connector, then use tweezers uniform clamping force on both sides of the connector uplift may loose data cable. Then, the keyboard has been successfully removed. Can thoroughly clean the inside part of the keyboard. Further, in the dust CUP fan.

    After cleaning, you can reset your laptop keyboard. You should be gentle and patient, make four squares fully adapt to each other. I have put my MX6446 laptop keyboard as an experiment. Thus, of course, laptops of different brands on the market, different models, so the internal structure is not the same. However, if you try, you can have your laptop clean stomach.
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