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Morning update - deep thinking

2023-09-04 10:28:58
Mildtrans held a topic discussion during the morning meeting on September 4th. Today’s topic is “deep thinking”, which is a very important skill for us in the workplace and in life. Deep thinking not only helps us better understand problems, but also improves our decision-making and creative problem-solving abilities.

Deep thinking is different from superficial thinking. It requires us not to just look at the surface of the problem, but to go deep into the essence of the problem and explore the causal relationship and potential impact. Here are some ideas about deep thinking:

Problem definition: Before thinking deeply, we need to clearly define the problem. This means not only understanding the external manifestations of a problem, but also getting to the root cause of the problem. Only then can we begin to address the nature of the problem.

Multi-dimensional analysis: Deep thinking requires us to analyze problems from different perspectives. This includes social, economic, environmental, technological and other dimensions. Through multi-dimensional analysis, we can understand the complexity of the problem more comprehensively.

Time dimension: Sometimes, deep thinking also needs to consider the factor of time. Problem solving may require both long-term planning and short-term action, so impacts on different time scales need to be considered.

Interdisciplinary thinking: Deep thinking can benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge. By combining knowledge and ways of thinking from different areas, we can find more innovative solutions.

Self-reflection: Deep thinking also includes reflection on your own way of thinking. We need to ask ourselves whether we are biased, influenced by certain fixed views, and whether we could be looking at the problem more objectively.

In the workplace, deep thinking can help us better solve complex problems, develop effective strategies, and make informed decisions. At the same time, it is a key factor in innovation and leadership. So let us all strive to develop the ability to think deeply and apply it to our work and life.

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