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Mildtrans-LCD screen accessories series and then upgrade!

2023-08-30 10:14:54
We are very pleased to announce that our line of LCD screen accessories has been carefully upgraded to provide you with a better viewing experience and more powerful performance. This update is not only an improvement in appearance, but also a revolutionary upgrade in technology and function.

Key highlights:

Higher resolutions: Our latest LCD screen accessories feature advanced display technology for higher resolutions and sharper images, making your content more vivid and engaging.

Wider color gamut: Our products now support a wider color gamut for truer colors and more accurate images. Whether you're using it for work or play, you'll get better visuals.

Faster Refresh Rate: Our LCD screens now feature a higher refresh rate, giving you smoother images and faster response times. This will give you a huge improvement when gaming, watching videos or working with multimedia content.

In order to meet your expectations, we work tirelessly to continuously improve our products. Stay tuned to our website for more information on these exciting offerings.

Thank you for your continued support!

MV340VWM-NG0 34"
NG0 MV340VWM NG0 MV340VWM For HP X34 Monitor
Part Type:LCD Screen
Size:34" WideScreen
Resolution:3440(RGB)×1440 109PPI
Surface Type:Antiglare (Haze 25%), Hard coating (3H)
Signal Interface:eDP (8 Lanes) , HBR2 (5.4G/lane) , 51 pins Connector
Refresh Rate:165Hz
Condition:Grade A+
Warranty:6 Month

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