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Mildtrans—the most professional laptop parts distributor!

Mildtrans-Daisy wechat-mtscreen 2016-07-04 15:01:52

Mildtrans—the most professional laptop parts distributor!

Finally, Mildtrans gets the
registered certificate of trademark MILDTRANS and finds MILDTRANS already becomes a hot words in Alibaba also.

In fact, Mildtrans has another trademark which was registered failed in China trademark office, but was very popular and famous in some other countries in the world. This mark is almost a mark of premium products or high quality products in those countries or areas. It is such a pleasure!

Maybe you can find more Mildtrans in Alibaba or google, but only the following are real ones!

Due to the attributes of the industry, China customs do not have too much exporting records or datas about Mildtrans, but Alibaba have too much and long term good feedbacks and deal records about Mildtrans, the trade insurance amount of $52000usd is   a very powerful and honored affirmation and the approval.


Sometime, the oversea customers always hope to find out the “real” or “final” factory, after all kinds of accidents and challenges they can always make a summary that a reliable trading company is better and more suitable for them.

As a trading company, Mildtrans pays great attention to the management of the service system. Mildtrans applied the Purchase-Sales-Inventory system ERP software,enterprise QQ, marketing QQ years before, and applied ISO9001 quality management system in 2014. Mildtrans is also a Alibaba demonstrative of B2B online exporter. In 2016. The team of Mildtrans does great efforts on improving the working efficiency, increase the value of the products and decrease the cost of the opperation.


In such a period of information-explosive & fierce competition, Mildtrans did a lots on marketing, resources integration, service of customers and suppliers, and Mildtrans is more focus on corporate culture creating, staff and skills training & the enhancement of their capacity. In Mildtrans, all kinds of meeting, sharing, learning, expanding, sports, dining, performing, exploring, traveling activities are scheduled by days, weeks, monthes, quaters, annual. Our colleague Michael now is a excellent lecturer of website database operation, he joined Mildtrans in 2013 after his university graduation.

Mildtrans, as always, adhering the value of share, open, inclusive, and win-win, we are always willing to develop and grow together with so many peers, suppliers, customers, Chinese suppliers together.

In Mildtrans, our staffs and guests can always enjoy the clean and tidy office environment, the most clean and standardized warehouse, the most tasteful tea culture and meeting style. It is a long way to be outstanding excellence, but Mildtrans will never be late or absent.

By keeping on exploration and precipitation for years, Mildtrans’ products varied to laptop screens, laptop keyboards, laptop power supply and laptop batteries four major series.

  Mildtrans is experienced on all sizes, all brands and all specifications laptop screens. The common inventory is about 70000-150000pcs, for some hot types Mildtrans normally has 3-6 different general models in stock. More than 90% of the stock are brand new A+ grade. Up to 90% of the selling items are real stocked in Mildtrans warehouse, the fastest delivery time can be 2 hours after payment and the average delivery time is 2.85days.

Mildtrans is experienced on all brands, all models and all language layouts and specifications laptop keyboards. The common inventory is about 50000-200000pcs, the various models are up to more than 580. Mildtrans already build up an unique and close cooperation with some famous keyboards manufacturers. Up to 80% of the selling items are real stocked in Mildtrans warehouse, the fastest delivery time can be 1.5 hours after payment and the average delivery time is 3.6 days.

In laptop power supply and laptop battery products, Mildtrans is more competitive on manufacturer inspection, production process management and quality control. Mildtrans will never sell any low quality and cheap products,the only thing we do is to provide high quality and safety products, professional service for our customers. We are committed to prove that "MADE IN CHINA" can be very nice.

Mildtrans was founded in 2004;

Mildtrans became Alibaba integrity enterprise in 2005;

Mildtrans became Alibaba China supplier in 2009;

Mildtrans became the member of Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce in 2012;

Mildtrans became the Vice President Company of Shenzhen Chamber of E-commerce in 2013;

Mildtrans became the Alibaba demonstrative of B2B online exporter in 2015;


Till June of 2016, Mildtrans’s CRM system included more than 20000 customers, Google included more than 50000 pages about Mildtrans or our products, Mildtrans got hundreds of inquiries and messages from customers who comes from facebook, skype, Alibaba, Mildtrans official website ect, our cooperating customer are from more than 80 countries and areas in the world,.......

Mildtransn genuinely cherishs the colleagues who work together so hardly for years, the customers and suppliers who support Mildtrans so warmly and trustful for years.


Reputation is the soul of Mildtrans, innovation is the vitality of Mildtrans, the teamwork, the trust from customers, the support from suppliers is our food & nutrition. Mildtrans will never be perfect, but we will stick to the path of perfection.


Thanks for your supporting and trusting!

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