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Laptop screen 13.3"WIDE-LED B133EW03 V.2 for Apple Macbook Air A1304

  • Author:Mildtrans-Lily
  • Release on :2015-01-19
Laptop screen 13.3"WIDE-LED B133EW03 V.2 for Apple Macbook Air A1304

    Hints: Laptop screen 13.3"WIDE-LED B133EW03 V.2

Apple Macbook Air A1304,a kind of awesome laptop. As we all know, apple products are popular among young people. Apple Macbook Air A1304, thin and fashion, beautiful appearance, cost-effective upgrade, multi-touch, 720p FaceTime HD camera. It is so wonderful to own one.
To be honest, the Apple Macbook Air A1304 is little expensive.  If its screen happened damage,are you willing to buy a new one? I think most people will choose to fix it. After all, it costs much. Therefore, 13.3"WIDE-LED B133EW03 V.2 laptop led screens appear, which can replace the broken one.

13.3 inch laptop led display slim B133EW03 V.2
 Product type  laptop led display
 Model   B133EW03 V.2
 Size  13.3 inch
 Grade  New A grade
 Surface  Gloosy
 Resolution  1280*800
 Brand  AUO
 Warranty  3 months
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