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BOE will become the largest production capacity of the panel factory

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-08-30
Panel factory BOE will go beyond the LG display to become the world's largest production 
capacity of the panel factory

    Beijing time on August 15 news, China Touch screen network news, group wisdom consulting: BOE 3 years to replace LGD into the global panel leader. In 2010, the mainland panel plant more than 6-generation LCD panel production capacity will exceed the South Korean LG display (LGD), the world's largest production capacity of the panel factory.

    Qunzhi Consulting said that BOE Technology Group recently announced that the investment in Wuhan, Article 2 10.5 on behalf of the line, will greatly enhance the competitiveness of large-size LCD panel.

    The overall size of the global TV panel grew steadily, with the overall panel shipments growing continuously. The average size of the global TV panel increased significantly by 2.1 inches in 2016, but the price rose sharply in 2017, according to the Group's advice. Of the suppression, the average size growth slowed down, is expected to average annual size of 44.1 inches, an increase of 1.4 inches.

    However, Qunzhi Consulting is expected in 2022, the global TV panel average size will be more than 50 inches, the global TV panel toward the large size steadily, for the 10.5 generation panel production opportunities.

    In the next five years, at least six 10.5 generations of ultra-high generation line production, is expected to 2022, 10 generation production capacity of the production line accounted for nearly 30% of the production capacity of high-generation production line, becoming the main TV panel production.

    Group Zhi believes that the current 65-inch and 75-inch panel mainly in the 6 to 8.5 generation line production, cutting efficiency is low, but in the 10.5 generation line can be cut 8 and 6, cutting efficiency will be greatly improved. With 65-inch, 75-inch and other large-size panel gradually become the next mainstream products, due to 10.5 lines with large-size economic cutting benefits, will guide the global production of TV panels to a higher generation of production line transfer.