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A minute to identify the LCD panel

  • Author:Mildtrans-Michael
  • Release on:2017-08-14
A minute to identify the LCD panel

  TV screen as the core of LCD TV components, in the LCD TV has a vital role in the purchase of television has been "election TV, first look at the screen" argument. Many businesses in order to promote their own TV, naturally on the screen to start an article, in many TV new conference or product official website we have been able to see XX imported original import panel, the first X-generation factory import panel publicity.


    However, in recent years, some TV brands burst similar to "change the screen door" event so that many users of the LCD TV screen, the real origin of doubt. "I bought the TV in the end is not the import panel?" "TV panel how to identify" the question gradually increased.

  Today, taking advantage of this opportunity to teach you to identify the LCD panel, read this article as long as a minute. From rookie to reach people.

    How can I identify a panel?

  In fact, there is no special skills, a camera friend lit TV screen after the use of macro alignment can be photographed. No camera friends can use a magnifying glass to view the TV screen pixels. Next we introduce some of the common features of the LCD screen on several pixels.


  Samsung screen pixel features are more obvious, under normal circumstances red and blue three-color vertical rectangle arranged. But in some of the complex colors of the screen sometimes will appear ">" shaped pixel arrangement. Features are very obvious, easy to judge.