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2015 PC development five trends: Biosensor + high score screen

Michael Mildtrans 2015-03-16 14:50:47

2015 PC development five trends: Biosensor + high score screen

For the computer industry, 2014 was a year of evolution, not a revolution of the year, while the real revolutionary change will appear in almost the past quarter of 2015.

From cheap Chromebook notebook to a new operating system, the recent changes in foreign technology website TechRadar for the entire computer industry this year is predicted, summed up the five trends.

An Intel processor brings Broadwell lighter, thinner notebook

Intel's fourth-generation flagship Haswell processor is a low-power, and the fifth-generation processor Core M will continue to carry forward this tradition. Core M processor allows notebook manufacturers to introduce large quantities of fanless design, such as the beginning of CES debut of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Ultrabooks to Apple just released a new MacBook.

In addition to slim fanless design and beyond, Core M will also bring new laptop for longer battery life. In Ativ Book new MacBook Windows and OS X, represented 9, there will be a very significant change.

2,Win10Fully replaceWin8

Windows10Is definitely the most anticipated throughout 2015 operating system, which is actually a double-edged sword for Microsoft. On the one hand, Windows 8 will always be seen as a failure of the works, many users want to be able to quickly fromWindows8,Windows 8.1Upgrade toWindows10.

However, in addition to a free upgrade, on Windows10 specific pricing model is currently still rather vague. But from the already available technology preview of view, Win8, some problems on Win8.1 seems to have begun to be addressed.

4K displays become mainstream

At the end of last year, the price of 4K display has started to decline, while in 2015 their prices will be further reduced. The original price of more than 400 US dollars can only buy a 1080p display, but now some 4K monitor also has come to this level.

2015, the 4K Ultra HD display will begin to support HDMI 2.0 interface, you can achieve the level of 60Hz refresh. Meanwhile, this year we predict will usher in support AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA GSync technology products, in order to bring a more realistic gaming experience.

On CES2015, we've seen such as Acer and LG 34UM67 XB270HU other products, especially the latter brought GSync, top portfolio 144Hz refresh rate and ultra-IPS panel.

Chromebook PC will continue to develop follow-up

Google's Chromebook notebook due to over-reliance on the network and limited functionality, initially did not become a challenger to the traditional PC. But with Chromebook constant progress in the field of education, such as the Acer C720 product has begun to attract ordinary consumers.

More importantly, like the Acer Chromebook 15 new products for the first time the 15-inch products appear, and the same can be proved Chromebook toward broader direction, it also pointed out the direction for himself in 2015.

Chromebook face challenges in the entry-level market, Windows camp also had to respond. Hewlett-Packard in late 2014 launched Windows 8.1 system and built-in Office 365 productivity suite Chromebook killer. And now the two camps compete in the entry-level market is more intense, in 2015, both the quality of service or cloud hardware, fighting will continue to escalate.

Biosensors use

While this trend does not yet popular in the notebook field, but biometric technology will change our approach using a laptop, and even online payment. Intel has proposed a concept called YAP, through PC biosecurity recognition technology to improve safety levels, including fingerprints, voice or face recognition.

Last December, Synaptics has launched a project called SecurePad solution can be embedded fingerprint scanner on a laptop touchpad. Fido based technology, SecurePad can not be built into the notebook inside, allowing notebook manufacturers through lower cost biometric technology into products.

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