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Transparent LCD screen? BOE try to enter the Japanese market

mildtrans 2017-03-14 18:19:25
The largest LCD screen maker in china, BOE Technology Group (BOE) will Launch transparent screen special LCD screen, through the screen can see the opposite of the goods. It can be used in the small shop refrigerator glass door to play commercials, play the image for the luxury store showcase. BOE not only for the sale of LCD screen, will also provide customers with video services, including the overall system.

BOE has partnered with Japan's commercial refrigerators manufacturers to develop refrigerator which have refrigerator glass door to play advertising video. At the same time the refrigerator has a touch screen function, the customer can touch the screen operation.

BOE will first start a new business in Japan. The price of a LCD screen is hundreds of thousands of yen. First of all, for retail stores, restaurants and luxury shops and other shops to sell, according to the reaction of customers in Japan to improve the system, the future will be in China and other places to expand the market.

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