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To Mildtrans,The Best Volunteer Award from SHENZHEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Mildtrans-Michael 2015-07-23 17:37:37
To Mildtrans,The Best Volunteer Award from SHENZHEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

2015.6.20,in China,this day is Dragon Boat Festival.

But Two family members of Mildtrans--Sandy and Jack ,they gave up their holidays, to participate in volunteer activities for AliExpress Anniversary.

In this volunteer activitiy,their efforts let us know what are positive and energy!!!

5000 Sacks!!! Of course,there have many Volunteers for this Great work.

All of them are the Best!

Today,SHENZHEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE give Mildtrans 3 awards for our efforts.

The Best Volunteer Award to Sandy

The Best Volunteer Award to Jack

The Best Volunteer Organization Award to Mildtrans

Thank you for all people's effort.

In Mildtrans,everybody has a kind and humble of heart.

we know 

Thanksgiving, Responsibility, Integrity, Pay

they are our company’s Purpose,

also are our Life Purpose.

Mildtrans is a Nice and Warm Family.

Make friends with us,

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