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8 generations of Core + 100% restore! ThinkPad 25 anniversary engraved version of exposure

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-09-18
8 generations of Core + 100% restore! ThinkPad 25 anniversary engraved version of exposure

  Lenovo chief designer Dave Hill has long ago confirmed that the 25th anniversary of the re-engraved ThinkPad will be put into production. ThinkPad 25 anniversary of the re-engraved version of the new news, first suspected spy photos appeared Reddit forum, then, the German website also appeared as a ThinkPad T470 ThinkPad 25 products.

  Previously, suspected ThinkPad 25 anniversary engraved spy photos appeared Reddit forum. Although the picture is not too clear, but the upper left corner or vaguely see the 25th anniversary of the logo.

  In addition, the 7-line keyboard, three-color Logo, dark blue carriage return, sink direction keys, display lock keys and other classic elements full review. Screen frame is not the pursuit of the current popular narrow frame design, the screen ratio of 16:10, is still familiar with the taste. At the same time, re-engraved ThinkPad will not be thick and heavy, it is learned that the thickest will not exceed 15mm, equipped with the eighth generation of Core Duo processor, also equipped with large-capacity memory, solid-state hard drive.

    ThinkPad 25 anniversary engraved version is expected to be officially available in the fourth quarter, the price may not exceed 5,000 US dollars.