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The surge in price surges is about to come, and the foundry has expressed its desire to safeguard it

  • Author:Leibniz
  • Source:PConline
  • Release on:2018-03-22
For a friend who recently wanted to buy a laptop, maybe it's time to start! Because a new wave of price increases is coming! According to Taiwan’s Electronics Times’ report, the global laptop foundry is negotiating with the brand manufacturers – because of the rising material prices, they also have a strong desire to increase the OEM prices. Perhaps, the product price increase is the fastest in the second quarter. Will appear.

Now, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Apple, and so on, it should be said that almost all brands of notebook manufacturing work, are responsible for a few foundry giants in Taiwan, which includes Compal computers. Chen Ruicong, president of Compal Computers, hinted at the recent interview that the notebook foundry is negotiating with the brand customers. Due to the increase in material prices, they want the ex-factory prices of notebook OEMs to be raised accordingly.

In fact, many raw materials for notebook computers have experienced price increases, including printed circuit boards and packaging materials. The rise in costs has also hurt the profits of foundry companies, and they have also decided to protect their own interests.

As for us as consumers, what we can do now is to seize the time to buy the favorite notebook at the right price. After all, who knows when the next price cut will be?