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The leasing market has become an alchemical field for the LED display industry

  • Author:Mildtrans-Wakin
  • Release on:2017-08-23
The leasing market has become an alchemical field for the LED display industry  
  In recent years, small-distance technology has been escalating, and widely used, for the LED display Kaijiang extension soil made a contribution. However, with the depth of the government's livelihood projects, the first-tier cities across the country promulgated outdoor advertising management documents, such as April 2017, Shanghai Green and Urban Management Bureau released the "Shanghai outdoor advertising facilities to set the position plan "), July 5, 2017, the Jinan municipal government approved the" Jinan City, outdoor advertising and plaque logo special planning. " These cities began to make great efforts to rectify, LED display the pace of development seems to be forced to slow down, especially in the field of outdoor solid.

Auto Show on the LED display
  Outdoor small distance has always been a small gap between the development of a large market, the market capacity is very large, the industry estimates that the market will be greater than the indoor small spacing. However, with the country's efforts to strengthen the control of outdoor advertising, this is an emerging market development difficulty also increased, outdoor consolidation project to reduce the disparity to make the competition more intense. Intense competition ahead of time, people relaxed and happy blue ocean market gradually into the Red Sea, and now the market supply is not showing a spill, but not far from the saturation is not far from the carry on.
  The same is the small outdoor distance, due to policy in the short term market capacity shrinking outdoor solidification is different from the capacity of the rental market in the quiet expansion. First of all, in the control of the rental market has been gradually liberalized, and secondly, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's spiritual needs continue to strengthen. A variety of stars concert, party, endless, greatly stimulating the rental market demand for the display. With unlimited size, seamless splicing and other advantages of the led display, in this area of ​​competitiveness is unmatched. The main LED rental market enterprises at this time, the days of the relative moisture.
  In addition, the rental market does not stop outdoors, indoor rental market demand is also great. In the early years, in the Jay Chou concert with a display screen showing a field of visual feast, in recent years, through the LED rental screen to create a variety of brilliant visual effects, but also become the stars of the concert gimmicks, highlights. Such as this year's sister, Jacky Cheung concert rental screen case, with a variety of high-tech cutting-edge technology to create a dream of the perfect world, to the audience a variety of feast for the audience, this is Jiaoren memorable. This effect greatly enhance the charm of the concert, but also enhance the LED rental market depth and breadth.

Zhang Hui Mei concert
    Leasing market can be said that the industry's most complex, the most intense competition, because the demand here is the most prosperous, the minimum entry threshold, do the most leasing business. Big to the Spring Festival Evening, concerts, parties, high-end meetings, small to the wedding, road shows, shopping malls will have LED rental screen to help out. LED display leasing business development is particularly good is the wedding market, and now has formed a scale of industry, as a very stable industry growth point. There are some large high-end meetings, LED display figure is also common. Although this can not be said that the various aspects of the leasing market has been exhausted, but also accounted for the most valuable part.
  A market in the end how the same, the enterprise is the most right to speak, because the market is in the enterprise is fertile soil in the farmers. In some of the previous interviews, many companies, such as module manufacturers Mingxingguang, they have been very optimistic about the rental market. Many enterprises in order to do a good job leasing products even at the transformation, they generally believe that the small gap in the indoor market is the development of such as the monitoring room, command room a class of projects, although the market, but should be far less outdoors. Especially the lease, the domestic variety of large-scale music festivals, anniversary is your hand to play me on stage. 08 years after the Olympic Games a few years, LED display projects to government projects, can be described as rare in a few years. Today is the domestic private capital, which is the continuity, the frequency is difficult to hold a candle, the basic are the annual. Such as strawberry music festival, large-scale live platform fighting fish TV carnival and so on.

Fighting fish carnival
  Overseas market as early as in China to become the world's 80% led display manufacturing time, it has become a domestic enterprises eyeing the blue ocean. Not only the domestic first-class enterprises in overseas offices, to participate in a variety of world-class LED display show, stride to the world market. Some small and medium enterprises through a variety of different ways, such as OEM, OEM, etc. as far as possible to sell their own products. The industry specifically to do the overseas market enterprises are not a few, it can be said that the overseas market is China's LED industry, an important sales market.
  In the overseas market, in addition to well-known patents, trade protection and aftermarket and other problems, there is a different with the domestic, some overseas markets on the outdoor solid control of the domestic control than the more stringent, even to the harsh point. Such as some parts of Europe, not only the number of outdoor projects per month, the approval of the strict requirements, and the approval of the time or erratic. Therefore, the development of leasing in overseas markets is the most rapid, compared with the domestic is beyond. In our "LED screen world" overseas special interview, many large companies that overseas flagship will be leasing products. In overseas, do not spend much energy to do the rental market, the enterprise is difficult to have a satisfactory sales.
  Although the mountain is not high, there is immortal spirit. Water does not have to be deep. But the water is not deep, how can we keep a train? Industry now have such a view, the outdoor market than the indoor market. In the outdoor solidification everywhere subject to the situation, the outdoor leasing is undoubtedly that ten peach pool, both wide and deep. Leasing the market, or the deepest sea that is most likely to nurture the dragon.
  Leasing market is not only a worthy of digging the market, it is able to quench the enterprise, exercise a good business to the hammer. Now the industry some of the common standards, such as quick installation, rapid inspection, light box, etc., are from the rental market demand for led display. Many excellent applications in the industry, technology is also in the rental market for testing, optimization, and ultimately to grow. Therefore, the rental market is to enhance the industry level is very important to an application market. He covers the indoor, outdoor, high-end, low-end at all levels, to compete in this industry the most intense, the most close to the customer's market to win, the enterprise must be in the product connotation, sales channels, after-sales service to make a breakthrough The Therefore, in the rental market to win the enterprise, will be the most understand the customer, must be the most likely to cross the gantry.