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Tablet touch screen supplier

Mildtrans-Michael 2015-01-23 17:18:20

    Shenzhen Mild-Trans Industrial Co.,Ltd — an established worldwide wholesaler & distributor of laptop screens , tablet screens & touch panels(CTP), laptop keyboards, laptop adapters, laptop hard disk etc. We focus on providing high quality laptop parts at the most competitive price.

wholesale laptop screen

    About Tablet touch screen,we have the most comprehensive laptop keyboard inventory from multiple Tablet touch screen supplier,like Acer,HP,ASUS,etc

Tablet touch screen supplier

Some of models of Tablet touch screen as follow:

ASUS ME371 TP          LENOVO V2007 TP samsung P7500 TP  Acer A200 LCD  iPAD AIR 2 TP iPHONE 5 TP  Lenovo A1000 (Assembly)
ASUS ME371 LCD   LENOVO V2010 TP samsung P7100 TP WIFI Acer A100 LCD  iPAD MINI 2 LCD iPHONE 5S LCD  ... 
ASUS ME371 Assemble ...  samsung P5100 TP Acer A100 TP iPAD 4 ASSEMBLY iPHONE 6 TP  
 ASUS NEXUS(Google) 7 TP   ... ... iPAD 3 TP  iPHONE 6 PLUS ASSEMBLY  
ASUS NEXUS 7  LCD       ... ...  
ASUS NEXUS(Google) 7 Assemble  

Any inqury about Tablet touch screen,we will do our best to meet your needs.
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