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Tablet PC evolution: From Toys To Tools

Mildtrans-Michael 2015-02-09 17:30:38
Tablet PC evolution: From Toys To Tools

    As an entertainment device, the Tablet PC is dying. This is not an alarmist, but the market is taking place. According to CNBC's latest report shows that Apple iPad sales the year 2014 asked the city will welcome its first decline in five years. Forecast data show that iPad sales in 2014, only about 68 million, while in 2013 the Apple iPad sold 74 million. Fruit of today and yesterday because. If we can remember how five years ago, the rise of tablet PCs, so should be easier to understand why there is this depression.

    iPad: the tablet from concept to reality

    Speaking of the history of the Tablet PC, had to start from the iPad. Although Table PC such as prehistoric legend, their birth to the office for the purpose, but only wishful dream producers, in fact has not been widely accepted by the market, nor the formation of industrial and visibility. Really let the Tablet PC on the market a separate product category, or Apple's iPad. Because the iPhone Apple store as a foundation, iPad was first used for entertainment. Starting from Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, hand travel (including tablet game) a new industry was born.

    On the phone can play the game moved to a larger screen, what is the difference on iPad? Nobody Think this problem, in short, is a cool, with a finger on such a large screen brush to brush opinions cool. PC and mobile phone with previous experience are completely different. iPad stunning moment, countless imitators gradually into the pit.

    We can say that the domestic industry is a traditional apple imitation. From the iPod to the iPad, Apple has been leading the industry of fashion, nature is being copied object. Starting from Android 3.0, followed by a large number of Andriod tablet available, but we are using the product features, the tablet firmly defined on an entertainment device. Especially when surging domestic flat immediately ran into the software division of competition, and run the software basis points, mainly visual computing and gaming performance. More and more tablet to their cores and can play PC games N years ago as a selling point, it is directed at the entertainment performance.

    Entertainment applications, and can not hold up the future of tablet

   When the flat-panel manufacturers in the competition entertainment applications, followed the PC industry habits, fight CPU, burning configuration, than run points, play the whole day, when they found that the market feedback and not as warm imagination. And after a certain amount of consumer groups already have tablet PCs, you will find stimulating entertainment applications comes from sales, increasingly weak. Baidu users from the underlying "Tablet PC" and "iPad" two keyword search volume changes, we can easily come to the above conclusion. From the Baidu search volume, you can see the attention and iPad tablet continues to decline.

    On the one hand, the more portable big screen mobile phone more and more alternative tablet. On the other hand is in the entertainment applications, has been flat over the phone experience better than PC portability better alternatives, lack their own unique "skills" in a double identity substitutes.

    "Insight 2014 report on China's mobile Internet user behavior," according to InMobi released by the Chinese mobile Internet users an average of 5.8 hours a day access to the media, including the use of mobile phones 104 minutes, 100 minutes using a computer or laptop online, only 40 minutes using the tablet device even the new generation of users increasingly away from traditional media, television, the average time is 20 minutes more than the tablet. For such a minor entertainment devices, people will soon update its configuration? How much they are willing to spend money to buy it? So the Tablet PC to the survival time. Either the same decline as netbooks go, or need to be re-assigned.

    From toys to tools, tablets need to be reassigned

   What gives value to the tablet? Apple's answer is "business." AppleInsider website recently published abroad, Apple large iPad (or named as iPad Pro) is expected to be released in the second quarter of this year. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the user experience, Apple's tablet will be equipped with the exclusive or stylus. This can be said for Apple's breaking, increasing the size of the iPad screen to the big screen smartphone with better differentiation, increased stylus aim is to strengthen the business performance of the iPad. Market research firm IDC recently announced that global sales fell 5.1 percent desktop PC, notebook PC sales is down 6.6%. Commercial sales were flat but steady improvement, an increase of up to 15%.

    However, in this transition, Apple is no longer the open atmosphere of the first person. Even so the industry's leading Microsoft OUT MAN, also earlier than Apple in the Tablet PC integrates the electromagnetic pen, pen in the office after all is indispensable. The first will be flat with the business of linking the domestic brands E man E, beginning from the first generation of tablet, which has been the standard of professional pressure sensitive pen, and the original handwritten office systems, allowing mobile office has become its biggest Features to help them successfully embarked on the road of business tablet.
    Mobile office, tablets next station

    If the tablet's entertainment applications, performance is good or bad can be seen running points; then the tablet business applications, will have more to look at the experience - the experience of Commerce meets the man's natural habit? Are traditional business office applications to meet? In the business tablet market, Microsoft Surface design popular criticism, many people think that just made Surface deformation of a laptop, the portability is not obvious, there is no breakthrough in terms of population subdivision, the cost was higher than the notebook computer. ThinkPad also launched in 2011 Table series with electromagnetic pen, far exceeding Surface in terms of portability, but in product design, simply copy the electromagnetic screen technology, there is no perfect matching of business software, the overall business experience unsatisfactory, market feedback mediocre.

    A qualified business tablet should be able to get through the office of the ecological chain, the software to be compatible with all file formats, such as Office, e-mail, browser, documents, schedules, etc., to be compatible with all hardware, office equipment, such as desktops, notebooks, printers, projectors, USB and so many hardware devices.

    Industry generally believe that 2015 will be a mobile terminal to replace the PC terminal acceleration of the year, an opportunity that is rapidly growing popularity of high-speed 4G network. But after flat quickly to business evolution, can not replace the notebook became the king of the mobile office future, the future of the market who are able to survive, who is the only correct answer.
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