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Morning meeting update - VAT knowledge

In recent years, tax laws and regulations have changed rapidly, which has had a profound impact on business operations and financial management. In order to better adapt to the market environment and ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise, we actively practice the corporate philosophy of "pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation", and continue to pay attention to and respond to changes in tax laws.

During the morning meeting on August 7th, Mildtrans conducted a training on the company's value-added tax knowledge. This training aims to help us understand the latest VAT policies and regulations more deeply, and through practical case sharing and discussion, improve our financial performance. Professional competence in management and tax reporting.

The training covers the following topics:
1. Basic knowledge of value-added tax: understand the basic principles, tax rate structure and tax obligations of value-added tax.
2. Interpretation of the latest policies: In-depth analysis of the recently released changes in value-added tax regulations to understand the impact on the company's operations.
3. Optimization of the declaration process: share the effective tax declaration process, reduce the error rate and reduce the risk.
4. Practical case analysis: master coping strategies in complex situations through actual cases.

We solemnly promise that no matter how the tax law changes, we will firmly stand on the side of compliance and integrity, and provide customers and partners with a stable and reliable cooperation environment. At the same time, we also welcome your valuable comments and suggestions on our tax management and compliance, so that we can continue to improve and better meet your needs.

Thank you for your support and trust all the time! We will continue to work hard to create greater value for you!