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MacBook product line or will use Chinese manufacturing panel

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-10-27
MacBook product line or will use Chinese manufacturing panel

  Like the iPhone, MacBook and other Apple products are excellent display with the results left to the people left a deep impression, which on the other hand can also be seen Apple's strict requirements for the display panel. Apple series of products has been the concern of the majority of users, the recent news that the new MacBook Air or will use the Chinese-made panel assembly sales.

    According to reports, BOE in August and August this year to get the Apple certification, the company is expected in the future for the fruit 13.3-inch MacBook Air notebook supply display panel.

    BOE in two years ago set up a special team, specializing in Apple orders, and now finally won the Apple's approval, is expected to be the fastest supply of small batches at the end of this year. Earlier news that Apple in October this year will be on the Mac product line to update, including the MacBook Air.

    Chinese mainland layout panel industry, after years of investment in a lot of money and poaching, although the quality and yield still need to be improved, but the chase of Taiwan, Japan, South Korea's footsteps did not stop, from the Jingdong can attack Apple's supply chain, into The third panel supplier point of view, China's panel factory and the gap between foreign manufacturers is now getting smaller and smaller.