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Laptop 2017 Best Alienware Summit of the Year

  • Author:Mildtrans-Evan
  • Release on:2017-09-08
Laptop 2017 Best Alienware Summit of the Year

    Authoritative IT media LaptopMag recently released 2017 the world's best game notebook ranking, the game machine Wong Alienware to a total score of 90, four full score results, there is no suspense crown, as the best game notebook in 2017, Alienware is also the list The only one carrying OLED screen brand.

    On the other hand, the parent company Dell also outstanding performance, for three consecutive years ranked first in the game notebook, notebook gaming brand to become the biggest winner.

  Beautiful transcripts come from Dell's relentless pursuit and excellence. Outstanding performance not only in the game notebook class, its XPS13 has become the most popular 2017 laptop.

    LaptopMag stressed: Dell has an unparalleled notebook series of products, one of the best is the Dell XPS 13, while it is also our selection of the most popular laptop. In addition to XPS 15 and the company's Alienware game. By setting up an OLED screen on Alienware 13 and developing an ultra-thin XPS 13 2-in-1 notebook, the company has reached a new level in product design and functionality this year. In addition, Dell also provides a strong factory warranty and all kinds of extended warranty options, and these two scores are full marks.

    In fact, in order to support the product innovation and extreme harsh excellence, Dell has invested a massive budget, generous pride has long been well known in the industry.

    LaptopMag scores selected products from eight different aspects: design, other media ratings, keyboards, monitors, software, innovations, warranty and customization options.

    Now, let us look at the score from the list of Dell this champion brand, in the end to win where.

    · Evaluation (30/35): 6 notebook performance excellence, 4 were heavy recommended

    Dell's evaluation run points can be said to have won the full house. A total of six notebooks involved in the test, 4 access to the editorial selection award, the other 2 also to 4.5 points, 4 points of good results swearing.

    From high-end products such as Alienware 17 R4 and Alienware13 with OLED screen, to less than a thousand dollars of the magazine series, were highly acclaimed media, heavy recommendation.

    Alienware notebooks, the top spot on the market the most beautiful game, with the most durable keyboard and the most powerful display. While Dell also provides the most humane custom system and a wide range of computer peripherals, allowing players to play the best condition.

    · Design (15/15): design full score, not afraid of your pride

    Alienware star gray color and customizable LED light effect, making Alienware products become the same value and strength of the explosion of the Star Cluster fleet.

    This year's appearance of Alienware become more gorgeous, more thin products, people dazzling. Part of the light effect was moved to other parts of the computer, and Alienware host perfect fusion, totally natural.

    In addition, the design performance, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (box) is also attractive to the eye, bright red appearance, skin touch B surface, both sides of the black row of fans, like a red chariot, and instantly grab the audience focus.

    · Screen (14/15): the best on the market, no one

    Alienware's display screen has always been the best on the market. And now, Alienware 13 OLED for all notebook computers to enhance the display of the grade.

    Alienware's light-emitting panel is one of the most vivid display screen materials on the market, capable of producing up to 220% sRGB color gamut. Alienware15 and 17, equipped with G-Sync technology, so that graphics are not torn, no matter how fast the screen update rate, it can make the screen and GPU synchronization, providing unparalleled PC gaming experience.

    Has been in innovation, never been beyond the Alienware again, so that the notebook's display to be fully evolved.

    · Keyboard (5/5): full score! Beautiful, cool, dazzle to no friends

    Alienware keyboard is the most beautiful keyboard on the market; comes with RGB backlight, with 16.8 million color backlight system, you can mix with a variety of colors, as long as you will be with the light color, you can match a set of the most dazzling backlight mechanical keyboard Come. But also the use of a new lighting diffusion system, the keyboard color looks more beautiful, almost dazzle to no friends.

    In terms of typing, 17-inch Alienware products with 2.3 mm the best key trip; and 15-inch Alienware button power of 78 grams, typing feel absolutely cool, beautiful!

    The keyboard is also outstanding Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (travel), island keyboard is absolutely classic, red backlit very personality, also has 2.1mm key process, 58 grams button power, very comfortable to use, light.

    · Innovation (7/10): VR full evolution, take you fly

    Alienware, known for its sleek, high-performance configuration, is the first to use the Intel Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia Pascal graphics.

    At the same time more step ahead, become the industry's first use of OLED display manufacturers. But also introduced the smallest on the market today to support the VR function of the notebook - Alienware 13.

    Of course, Alienware did not stop there, in fact, its Alienware full line notes products have been installed VR support system, while G-Sync technology and Tobii eye tracking technology added to the 15 and 17-inch Alienware game.

    At the same time, continue to support Alienware Graphics Amplifier (Alienware Graphics Amplifier) option. This means that even in the older Alienware products, you can also add the latest VR graphics!

    This industry's pioneering, unique initiative, opened up a new experience, consumers can often change the laptop, you can experience the latest features.

    Alienware can be said that in the field of innovation is always the absolute overlord.

    · Software (9/10): use the eyes to control the game, you can!

    Alienware's AlienCommand Center offers the most powerful game software portfolio on the market.

    Easily customize, adjust Alienware products in multiple areas of color and lighting effects. You can also create a custom game mode, monitor system performance, while adjusting the graphics amplifier, and even help you automatically adjust the power settings.

    Alienware sound center can make your game sound more realistic, through the software can enlarge the enemy's footsteps. You can also use the audio launchpad to map audio to the keyboard for playback in the game.

    At the same time Alienwar can use Tobii Eye Tracking technology, such as Alienware 17, through the use of EyeX software, allowing players to control the game through the eyes, but also allows you to set preferences, such as dimming when walking away the display.

    The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (case) uses the Nvidia GeForce graphics card. At the same time the game optimization (Game Optimization) effect, in the adjustment of performance settings and battery performance improvement performance, greatly extending the user's use of time, so you play the game anytime, anywhere.

    · Choose and customize (5/5): full score, people can not resist the personalized custom

    Dell has always been known for its rich options and personalized customization, to the greatest extent possible to meet the different needs of different users. Even if your budget is less than $ 1,000 and you want to have a super battleship, you can meet all your dreams at Dell. Dell's rich and highly personalized custom option, absolutely you can not resist.

    Let your notebook cool options include:

    Alienware 13 optional OLED display, the ultimate high-definition horizon instantly open.

    Alienware 17 optional Tobii eye tracking, allowing you to control the game with your eyes.

    Users can also freely configure the Alienware 17 installed on the Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, 32GB memory and dual storage drive, and overclocking Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU, would like to configure how high!

    In addition, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (travel) is also the best choice for the price, the budget is not the case can also enjoy the game configuration and hearty experience.

    · Warranty (5/5): full score, five praise the intimate service

    Alienware and Dell laptops offer a standard one-year warranty. Alienware can provide home repair services; if it is Dell's other products, you need to be able to mail the computer warranty, manufacturers bear the freight.

    At the same time Dell and Alienware any type of notebook computer support extended warranty service, including the protection of accidental damage protection. RAM or storage upgrade upgrade will not make the warranty void.

    Alienware back to school season hot, immediately visit the official website, access to the latest special!

    Enjoy the new game equipment, enjoy high-end gaming experience, all in Alienware alien. Immediately log on the official website, or call the sales hotline: 400-884-9406, buy the official authentic alien computer, enjoy the professional game services.


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