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Happy Lantern Festival ! Hope all are well in the new year.

  • Author:Mildtrans-Michael
  • Release on:2015-03-05
Happy Lantern Festival ! Hope all are well in the new year.

       Today is China's Lantern Festival,hope everyone have a nice starting in the 2015.
     And At the beginning of the New Year,our Company Mildtrans Open the first meeting of the New Year.
     It is full of happy and joy.
     Let us look at the happy time.

Boss:Hello,everybody,I think we will grow up more in the new year,We will create a better corporate environment in the new year!

Ruby:I have a dearm,it is 3000000 US Dollar in the 2015.

Sandy:2013 My sales are 100W US Dollar,2014 my sales are 200W US Dollar,According to this trend,in the 2015 my sales are 300W US Dollar,I Believe...

YeZi:In the 2015,I will Hold all suppliers about laptop screen.

Merry:2015,As a new laptop keyboard purchases, I will be full of Powerful.

Yun:As a Beautiful lady,I will bring more talents to our company,let Mildtrans more Beautiful.

Mandy:Happy,Happy,I will become a mother,I hope to give everyone the joy.

Abby:In the new year,I will think for myself to achieve more growth.

Xiao Ho:I will go to HK ,it is so cool,I will work hard for my future.

Lingli:About tablet touch screen,Good results last year, I think this year's sales will have a lot of orders.More orders,more smile on my face.

XiaoTing:In the company I learned a lot,When I came home, Good habit to get his father's praise, I was so nice,hah...

James:Let's go,Let's go,I became an official salesman.My client, my friend, I will give you a better service.

John:Hi,Baby,are you ready for 2015? I'm fully prepared for 2015,I will do better.

Janson:Fighting!Fighting!Fighting!I believe I can be who I want to be! Clients,Orders,Money,waiting for me.

Brady:In the past my state is not good,but that's ok,I am superman,My status now are flying into the sky!

    Oh My God!!
    Throughout the meeting full of joy!
    We are a loving family!
    We hope Our this joy and Our expertise will give you pleasure and convenience,my friends!

    Happy Lantern Festival!!!