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Compatible laptop screen for Dell Latitude D430

Mildtrans-James 2015-02-01 11:36:11
 Compatible laptop screen for Dell Latitude D430

    Hints:12.1" WIDE-LCD LTD121EW3D, LTN121AT01 for Dell Latitude D430

    Dear, My friends, if you are managing a laptop repair store, and your customers give your a laptop Dell Latitude D430, and when its screens were broken, which model of laptop screen can instead of it prefect, let me tell you.


 Size  12.1 inch
 Grade  New A grade
 Surface  Glossy/Glare
 Resolution  1280*800
 Model  LTD121EW3D
 Warranty  3 months

Size  12.1 inch
 Grade  New A grade
 Surface  Glossy/Glare
 Resolution  1280*800
 Brand  Samsung
 Model  LTN121AT01
 Warranty  3 months

Laptop LED screen LTD121EW3D and LTN121AT01 are compatible,so they both can match the laptop Dell Latitude D430, what's more, I think that there are many compatible screens we don't know, so let us communicate with each other more.
And if you need them or know more, maybe you can contact us MIldtrans.

If you need more private support, pls do not heisitate send the question to my email :

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