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Brand New LCD & touch screen & Assembly for Apple Products on Sale

  • Author:Mildtrans-Michael
  • Release on :2015-08-11
Brand New LCD & Touch Screen & Assembly for APPLE Products on Sale

Apple 13.3 A1278 Glass
Apple 15.4 A1286 Glass
Apple 17.1 A1297 Glass
Apple 21.5 A1418 LCD
Apple 27 A1419 LCD
Apple 9.7 IPAD 2 LCD(LP097X02 SLQE)
Apple 9.7 IPAD 3 LCD(LP097QX1 SPAV/A1/A2)
Apple 9.7 IPAD 5 LCD
Apple 7.9 IPAD MINI
Apple 7.9 IPAD MINI with IC
Apple 7.9 IPAD MINI(LP079X01 SMA1)
Apple 9.7 IPAD 2/3/4 TP
Apple 9.7 IPAD 2/3/4 TP
Apple 9.7 IPAD 2/3/5TP 
Apple 9.7 IPAD 4 TP
Apple 9.7 IPAD 5 TP
Apple 9.7 IPAD 2/3/5TP 
Apple 3.5" IPHONE4G/4S (Assembly)
Apple 4" IPHONE  5(Assembly)
Apple 4" IPHONE  5S(Assembly)
Apple 4" IPHONE  5C(Assembly)
Apple 4.7" IPHONE  6(Assembly)
Apple 4.7" IPHONE  6s(Assembly)
Apple 4.7" IPHONE  6s(Assembly)

Do you want to know the price about APPLE Products LCD & touch screen & Assembly??? 

Of course,we aslo supply other models of Touch Screen or LCD Assembly,such as HP,DELL,ACER,ASUS,APPLE,SAMSUNG,etc. 

Are you interested in them? 

Please let me know,Contact to Mildtrans right now. 

More Details as follows: