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Big move: Lenovo or the full acquisition of Japan's centuries-old enterprises Fujitsu

Big move: Lenovo or the full acquisition of Japan's centuries-old enterprises Fujitsu

  Recently this period of time Lenovo PC and mobile phones in the performance of these two markets are not satisfactory, not only the PC business share of the status of the boss handed over to HP, the mobile phone business is worrying, ZUK failure, only a little bit of Motorola Of the market. Of course, all this does not allow Lenovo to sink, a few days ago news that Lenovo will be a comprehensive acquisition of Japanese enterprises Fujitsu.

  It is reported that Lenovo may announce the acquisition of Fujitsu's PC business this week, into the Lenovo PC business, and then continue to operate as an independent brand, and gradually expand the business to the country. In fact, as early as last year in October, the market has spread Lenovo's acquisition of Fujitsu PC business news. At that time, the Japanese media reported that the acquisition of two options, the program is to set up a joint venture led by Lenovo and take over Fujitsu personal computer R & D and manufacturing sector, the second is to Fujitsu's personal computer subsidiary funded more than 50% To carry out holding and personnel transfer.

  In addition, Lenovo PC business in the completion of the acquisition, will continue to negotiate with Fujitsu on the mobile phone business acquisition program. In February this year, Fujitsu has been mobile phone business divestiture, as an independent brand operation, this is also seen as the preparation for the sale, and mobile phone business Fujitsu foreign demand for billions of yen, and hope to stop developing and manufacturing mobile phone After still retain a small amount of business shares, which continue to maintain the "Fujitsu" mobile phone brand, Lenovo and Fujitsu on the acquisition program is still under discussion.

  It is reported that Lenovo will invest 20 billion yen (about 1.113 billion yuan) by Fujitsu subsidiary Fujitsu Client Computing Co., Ltd. 51% stake in Fujitsu 44%, Japan Policy Investment Bank 5%.

  Data show that Fujitsu PC business in 2017 annual sales reached 400 billion yen scale, and to maintain profitability. But the Japanese personal computer market by the squeeze of the smart phone was a narrow trend, Fujitsu's personal computer business profitability also deteriorated. Lenovo is the world's largest PC maker, earning 21% of global sales share in 2016. In 2011, Lenovo and NEC integrated Japan's personal computer business, master Japan about 30% market share.

  After merging Fujitsu PC business, Lenovo will further consolidate the global PC share, close to 40%.