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BOE will become the World's Largest Supplier of AMOLED Display Flat

Mildtrans-Michael 2017-06-19 15:38:51
BOE will become the World's Largest Supplier of AMOLED Display Flat
  China panel leader BOE (BOE) is expected to next city, won the Apple iPhone order. According to Bloomberg reports, Apple is testing the BOE display device, it is likely from 2018 on the next generation of iPhone using its supply of OLED panels. IHSMarkit's latest forecast, 2019 this Chinese company or will become the world's largest supplier of AMOLED display flat.

  Earlier, Apple spent $ 9 billion investment in Samsung OLED panel capacity, Samsung has won the iPhone for iPhone8 and iPhone9 a total of 180 million OLED panel supply agreement, basically all the remaining Samsung OLED panel all take-all, other mobile phone manufacturers only Can hope "OLED" sigh, the money can not buy the goods. June news that Samsung has begun to supply Apple, the monthly supply of 10 million pieces of OLED, due to productivity yield is still climbing, Apple iphone8 plus 10 million, a total of 90 million OLED panels.

    Well-known research firm IHSMarkit pointed out in the latest forecast, BOE will achieve a new milestone in 2019, a huge development potential will make this company built in Beijing to become the world's largest AMOLED display flat suppliers. According to IHSMarkit research shows that BOE TFT-LCD and AMOLED semiconductor display technology production capacity will reach 54.8 million square meters, more than LG display 53.8 million square meters, Foxconn Group 53.7 million square meters, Samsung display 52 million square meters.

    The past two years, domestic flexible OLED panel production line crazy construction, 2018 - 2020 will continue to output. However, from the completion of - lit - test production - yield increase - capacity climbing need to step by step capture the process, there is no domestic large-scale mass production to improve the yield experience, the ability to scale production Flexible OLED panel Of the enterprises only BOE, deep horse AMOLED factory production of hard OLED panels, and glow is only small batch production.

  From the OLED panel production capacity release cycle, 2020 is the real OLED panel popularity year. Although BOE can ship in 2018, but the capacity will climb until 2019, during which OLED panel production capacity will certainly not be much, Apple took the lead in the abolition of the BOE capacity, other domestic mobile phone manufacturers still no OLED panel available. Even if the full screen to become Andrews flagship mobile phone standard, and the iPhone can still be unique through the OLED to maintain the gap with the experience of Andrews to attract consumer purchase and replacement.
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