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14.1" LCD screen LP141WX1-TL01 for Dell Inspiron 630M

  • Author:Mildtrans-Janson
  • Release on:2015-01-29
14.1" LCD screen LP141WX1-TL01 for Dell Inspiron 630M

  Hints:14.1"WIDE-LCD LP141WX1-TL01 for Dell Insoiron 630M

If your laptop Dell Inspiron 630M screen is broken,do not rush to buy a new laptop or send it to a repair shop.let me tell you the best way:buy a new LCD screen LP141WX1-TL01 as below,and replace the broken screen,it is so easy .In this way,not only your practical ability will be improved but also save you money.


 Size  14.1 inch
 Grade  New A grade
 Surface  Matte
 Resolution  1280 * 800
 Brand  LG
 Model  LP141WX1-TL01
 Warranty  3 months
14.1" lcd screen LP141WX1-TL01 can full fit for your Dell Inspiron 630M .
And if you need them or know more, please feel free to contact us MIldtrans.