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Promotion Day---The 52th Day

  • Автор:Mildtrans-Michael
  • Источник:wholesale-laptop-screen.com
  • Отпустите на:2015-11-11

    It is Mildtrans' Promotion Day,from 9.21 to 11.19.

    Our Goal is 1000W RMB,Our Team is full of power and confidence.
    During these days,our Mildtrans will have some products ,

    such as laptop lcd screen,laptop keyboard,laptop adapter,touch screen on sale with a suprise price!

    You want to know more?

    Please Follow us.


  ---9:00 AM, 12th Nov,2015---

  Try your best, even if the task seems difficult.rs.

   ---9:25 AM, 12th Nov,2015---


   Linda get the Order--4550RMB,now she had achieved the goal 100%! good job!
   ---18:30 PM, 12th Nov,2015---



  Wating for 150% !!!
  The 52th Day,

  Today we finished 11181835.21 RMB !!!  

  To 10000000RMB,we have finished 111.82% !!!

  Mildtrans,Fighting !!!

  ---To Be Continued---